What could Panda Island have?

Is this just part of their “Get to t3 as fast as possible for Thronespire” route?

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Well, they are in their innate habbitat. That species of living creature called “bot” are on the course of extinction. Observe them closely, in their natural habbitat, togheter with the pandas, because soon, they will be gone.

And yet the environmental steward must exercise caution – the wild bot is well known to experience cyclical population bursts which threaten their own survival.

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Could just be a different route to prevent bot detection.

For example, if they keep moving to the same island over and over then that route becomes a “hot spot” in triggering captchas or bot detection bans.

So if they switch it up by moving to different islands the detection becomes less aggressive towards them.

All speculation though.

They know better than anyone how they get banned and at what routes so it’s never useless regardless of if the island has any benefits to them or not.