What data suggests the playerbase is ready for Valtan?

Okay. I am genuinely curious what threshold AGS consider okay to release Valtan. I am currently 1401.6 and know several others who are not even 1400 yet. All people who play the game consistently from week to week. There is a handful in my guild who have been heavy RMT users who are 1445 with some 1415 alts.

@Roxx I want to know what data AGS are using here, to suggest that Valtan will be accessible by the majority of the player base (or what % of the playerbase should have access to new content). Next week is far too early as someone who have played consistently 4 hours a day, and spent over $400. Come on!

Personally, I play MMORPGs with the main focus on progression raiding. Never have I encountered such a ridiculous barrier to entry that demands unreasonable hours spent (more than 4 hours every day), or $100s in RMT transactions.

I feel very lied to when AGS said that the Argos situation would never happen again. That this game was meant to “respect your time”, or that content is meant to be available to all. The real challenge should be in the completion of said content.


we got an extra month and more mats, get gud

if you’re not 1415 on 1 character you’re a casual and not the hardcore player u think u are


I have two 1400 characters, you are extremally inefficient with how you are playing. They gave people more than enough time to get close enough to Valtan, you will do the raid when you are ready for the raid, no one needs to do it day 1.


if you stilll didn’t managed to reach 1415 or 1445 means that you just not playing well enough or dedicated. I’m playing just 6 chars and was able to reach 1445 f2p


people need to stop playing this game as if it’s a race… this game isn’t casual friendly. you want to reach max ilvl then you need to work hard for it. and no i don’t mean “RMT” cause F whoever do RMT…


what mmorpg is if u want to be ready for the lastest new content, am I right


the thing is they still don’t understand it either. i remember someone telling me that “this game is casual friendly” like how??? xD


It’s casual friendly if you’re not trying to do every piece of new content day 1


If you’ve played over 4 hours a day and aren’t 1415, you’ve been playing extremely inefficiently.


and most of who complain about “new content being released too early” are casuals. which is ridiculous… please slow down content for my majesty cause i’m not ready for it! if i’m not ready then nobody else deserves to do it.


Not anything like Argos. We know we’ll in advance that Valtan is coming. We have had enough time to prepare. We have received a lot of materials to reach 1415. Valtan release is nothing like Argos.


Yeah. Because an RNG upgrade system that punishes some, blesses others is so “hardcore”. 0 skill, 100% about RNG, tbh.

Have I made some inefficiencies along the way? Sure. I also had to re-roll 2 weeks into launch to play with my friends (shouldn’t have been a deal breaker if putting in consistent daily hours).
But if you wanna come at me and suggest there’s any “skill” based element to progression… you’re wrong.


How can you prepare if you are relying on success of honing to even access the content? I, apparently didn’t get enough successful hones.


Early or not, it is mostly whale content for now with a few f2p try hards that have 1000 hours spent in the game being 1415 or more.

Casual players are still below 1370 even now. Most people that are posting here consider anyone that is not 1415 a casual, despite the fact that a lot of us have 600+ hours spent in the game. Their definition of a non-casual f2p player is a basement living momma’s boy who spends 20 hours every day, 2 hours sleep and 2 hours drinking/eating/shitting/pissing.


If you aren’t 1415, it means you weren’t playing efficient enough. Nothing to do with RNG.

You could have pitied your way to 1415 by now if you played actively


less qq more pewpew
farm those chaos dungeons for juice and you’ll fail honing less :kissing_heart:

I don’t understand why would you want content delayed?

If you are ready day1 for Valtan you will:

  • lose non stop
  • fail non stop
  • lose non stop
  • eventually learn to do it
  • get atroceus drops and get locked out for the week
  • you will still have to wait 2-3 months to get BiS relic gear from drops since I really hope you are not delusional to think you’d actually get BiS gear in 2 runs.

If you take your time and are ready for Valtan in 2 months:

  • have a ton of gold from the weeklies in those 2 months
  • everyone will know how to do it so you will be the only one failing therefore faster completion once you learn
  • AH will be full with your gear so you don’t have to rely on a SINGLE WEEKLY drop to get what you need (hint: you will NEVER get what you need) so use said gold at pt.1 to just buy the gear.
  • be happy about it

This attitude is toxic AF. Yeah. Everyone who fails honing attempts can just be called “casuals”, and have their concerns completely dismissed? Because getting lucky with hones makes you so “hardcore”


Its perfectly fine i think i just did 1415 today with reset at a very slow rate but i do have 4 alts 1340 for extra mats/gold etc.Playing 4 alts is not demanding at all i barely play them 20 min each a day and feed mats to main.

Also full fp2 beside bronze back but i converted gold to blue crystal like a crazy person.

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oh yeah my comment is full of toxicity! how dare i say something that isn’t agreeing with you! my goodness…