What did I come back to?

What in the world is this. Seriously, I came back about 2 weeks ago and the AH has been an absolute disaster. Working in Game Dev and working along side our internal QA teams, this is beyond unacceptable. Is AGS patting themselves on the back saying job well done? We solved the AH bot spam ty sg for implementing our requested changes???

2 weeks and not a single attempt to remove the limitation they put in place for auction house cycling (which is how many times the server can refresh the auction house). I remember they placed these in an attempt to stop fraud. Disgusting…

100% if the store went down during this black friday scam deal(how is this even a black friday sale LOL?), they would be called in immediately to fix this issue.


You’ve come back to fire and burning.

And many angry players.


That is crazy, have people been complaining these past 2 weeks as well with no communication indicating they are fixing this?? Has it been happening longer than 2 weeks?

No way its been falling on deaf ears…

Tbh I came back when reaper launched, which i dont think its been 2 weeks yet… Its 6am where I am at and the auction house is literally not useable i alt f4’d LOL

Welcome to the party. It has just started though, we’re only at week 3. We have many months ahead of us.


No not that bad, they’ve working on the server disconnect issues (with communication about it) for the last week or two.

The AH thing has started getting a lot worse in the past few days, but it’s American Turkey long weekend so there is nothing being said or done about it right now. Monday we’ll learn more about how they plan to escalate the issue.

With that said communication has been abysmal, the issues have been ongoing without any sense of resolution in sight and for the most part everything is basically… yeah… on fire.


The sad part is, isnt LOAON happening this december?? I get the feeling we are going to get piss poor management until like after the new year :confused:

Working you mean monitoring and just that to be precise…


They are monitoring the escalations and waiting on player evidence that there is in fact an issue, so that they can re-escalate the escalation to the proper team to have it escalated.



I would have assumed since the devs are in korea, they technically don’t have time off away from working on tickets for the game :confused: IT would just be AGS’s pathetic communication that would be basically AFK.

Everything is burning… But hey, at least we got that POG black friday deal /s

Pretty sure that’s exactly it. SG are busy with LOA ON and also updating future content along with working on retention rebuilding for KR. Devoting development time to us when we are still eating up all the old already developed content being re-released to us with no sign of stopping I guess they figure if we’re still paying whatever.

People screaming about how bad the state of the game is while buying out 100 skin packs in between breaths.


I was baffled by their incompetence at first but now I’m getting used to it. The situation is critical and they are doing absolutely nothing to fix anything unrelated to their revenue. Next Monday, they’re gonna throw some announcement/excuse to us, then on maintenance day they’re gonna release an imaginary fix like last one and then we get to the next weekend and the cycle repeats itself.

You forgot about Recompensations for problems Aura of resonence potion 2x

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it’s kinda chaos right now. ah market unuseable. dc everywhere. not the right time to come back to

You came back just in time to watch people spend $150 on cosmetics while they can’t even play due to disconnections.


New World was popular again recently :person_shrugging:

Fake news. The Reaper patch was a massive success, and the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are amazing, due to that, we got 260K players yesterday and every day since then, the servers are melting at times due to insane traffic!

Banned RMTers are still roaming the forums wanting the game to die so bad.


It won’t.

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It’s true,

There so many new Mokoko’s playing right now I don’t even know who to help first.


Just look at them all so eager to get their gear and start playing!


There’s a sorc named jkpmnrtsgclpdq. Really nice guy and offers his gold too. Give him a try.


IKR?! such a massive success. The deals are so great. 100$ for a black friday deal!!!??? WOW

Servers are only overloaded because the patch was a major success because of the popularity of this game. AGS servers cannot keep up!!

Omg, I met their extended family, brothers, sister, parents and even their cats in punika and they offered me gold at a very cheap discount only for friends. I was so excited about it. Im thankful AGS allows them to hangout with us in punika.

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