What did we slow down class release for?

Classes are not content, but since you insist it is, sure

So July arcana, September scouter

What did we delay class release for in august? Pet ranch? I thought we aren’t gonna have any droughts since you wanted to sandwich class releases in between contents. So where’s said content?


they mentioned a lot of times we have a 2 month release cadence


To bring back player è.é

how many players arcana bringed back ?


10 take it or leave it.

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They slowed it down because “business intelligence” and “reasons”


AGS/SG would argue with you about classes being content, as they have said that classes ARE content.

The release SCHEDULE(!) according to them was also NEVER 1 class per month, we just got it with glavier as they had to delay destroyer and glavier is popular(?) and then we NEEDED destroyer for Valtan they said! so it was just coincidence we got 2 in the first 2 months or so.

Releasing raid and class the same month is in my opinion dumb, class should come first month followed by raid in the 2nd. That way players can level and gear class in the month prior to the raid and then partake in the raid the following month.


they slowed it down so more people play every class and buy more skins.

idk what gave you the idea that there is anything but a monetary reason behind this decision

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To sell added roster spots and powerpasses.

Apparently the Pet ranch is so hard to code that we can’t have either a new class or a new raid because of it.

Actually, they are. Always have been, in every region.

If you are unhappy, consider working on alts and/or playing other games.

I’m guessing AGS decided to voice act all the pets on the pet ranch with minorities, so it’ll take an entire month to add that.

For free. :upside_down_face:

Classes are indeed content, maybe not in your brain, but they are…sorry to burst your bubble.

50k-100k bots ez

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released classes tho. Should’ve been in our version already. The way we engage with classes is abysmally different from the way we engage with raids. Classes are a means to complete raids with if we come to think about it so why not have them realeased faster so we can enjoy the raids with our favorite classes? Raids being released in a certain pace is good so people have time to prog and push their characters, but having to wait for classes is straight up dumb and annoying, keeps players in that FOMO state “I must save mats for my main”

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Oh yea the good old argument where the game is free if you don’t like it go play something else because since it’s free, it is immune to criticism and they can run it however the f they want, do whatever the f they want, and expects nobody to call them out on their bs because hey, if you don’t like it don’t play it

Nothing was delayed. They said many times that they want to release class every 2 months.

Ok then don’t give the “we do 2 months because spacing out contents” bs because now it just seems like, pet ranch is what we spaced out class release for???

We didn’t space anything? 2 months. July is 7th and September is 9th. That’s 2.
You won’t be getting “major” updates every month, better start getting used to it.