What do gear honing chance bring to this game?

Lost Ark is a fantastic game and me and my friends have had a lot of fun, but gear honing is ruining it for me. I’m currently at ilvl 596 and only have my sword left to upgrade and already made 3 attempts at it but all failed. My friend on the other hand got it first try and is now able to proceed to tier 2 and i’m now stuck here for another day. I truly don’t see what this mechaning brings to the game, you grind the resources to just get slapped in the face, well you weren’t lucky enough sad for you. Why is this a part of the game? Why should progression be fully determined by rolling a dice, how can anyone think that is good game design?

I assume (dont take this as 100% fact) the chances are there to prolong the game experience and make everything take longer. It’s something many other games have done to make people have “more” stuff to do while they make new content. If i were them I would raise the chances. And to answer the last part of the question i dont think it was meant to be good game design, I just think they put it in to both make more money and make you put more time into the game.


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If they want to make money, make us pay for the game. I’ve paid 15 a month to play wow with no problem but I will never pay for materials for upgrading my gear df why is that even a feature? Sure some games have luck implemented to make things take longer but not every single step in the progression, every time you want to progress in this game it’s a question of luck. If they want to make the grind longer, sure do so but not through chance, make it equal to everyone.

15 euro a month? Oh that’s so cute. They want moar.

Its pretty much the entire premise of the game, it just feels especially bad because we got all 3 tiers at the same time

But if you dont like gear honing this game is not for you, the main focus is PvE content, your GS is kind of itrelevant other than getting the minimum to queue

They made this game for an audience in korea where that was the norm, all they changed was a few lines of dialogue.

Grinding for better gear is a stapple on mmos. It’s just endless grind or like people called new world’s gear system: artificial progression.

This is basically the same but instead of gambling the item level on drop, you must farm the same time gated stuff daily and hope for RNG to bless you.

Well, at least here you can buy the mats to keep trying (meaning gold though irl cash too).

In addition, as @Serratic said, this game is not meant to be the kind of game without luck. Most MMO’s including WoW have some sort or another of RNG.

how big percentage of the player base do you think pays for mats?

Because every MMO uses percentage based progression systems, except the ones that allow you to fully craft your BiS. And even there u have to play A LOT and grind A LOT to get upgrades (a lot means weeks or months).

Lost Ark just shows you your chances to get an upgrade.

streamers have already spent thousands gambling enchants in this game, aside from skins, it’s their key source of income

RNG is a necessary part of a mmo but here they just make it straight up gambling. And I can’t even grind it any more. I have no more way of getting more Destruction Stone Fragments. I can’t kill a mob 1000 times over to progress. I have to wait for tomorrow’s reset. Why don’t the Koreans make a casino instead, they would probably make a lot more don’t you think?

this sytem is more like a gacha game then a mmo