What do i have to do to become trust worthy

What do i have to do to become trust worthy, to send ingame post etc etc

two factor phone via steam


i think spend at least $5 but cannot confirm if this will help as Ive seen others say they spent 5 and nothing happen so 2factor is best bet

thanks ill try

i do have to install another app only for steam for this stuff?

Only the official Steam mobile app to use 2 factor.

okay so fuck it, but thanks for the help

This page will answer all questions you might have about it:

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A nice one.

The full steps is you have to have spent at least 5 dollars on Steam (I think gift cards don’t count).

You have to activate 2 factor authenticator and you have to have this activated for at least 7 full days. It’s the 7 days part that most people miss. Just activating the 2FA doesn’t get you to trusted.

The better one specifically about Steam’s “Trusted” status is in the developer documentation for microtransaction support.