What do we think about the price of legendary engraving books?

Do we think grudge is going to go back up?

depends on the bots efficiency in farming thronespire. NAEast the grudge books went from 12k-13k to 7k-8.5k yesterday. now it is 10k-11k again after update. Might still go down back to 8k-9k.

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Doesn’t matter because I’m not buying a single book until they’re at a maximum price of 1k, I won’t pay more than that no matter what lmao.


Short term, the books will go down because of the bots, but long term, as more people get to end game and earn more goal, the price will just keep inflating.

Assuming there’s still players to buy the thing anyway, otherwise both the supply quantity and price will crash lol

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I’ll be surprised if Grudge stays over 10k for long even if they manage to ban bots. A portion of hardcore grinders already have them or are close to 20 and no casual is going to pay prices that most grinders are unwilling to pay.

Also, for the demand to remain high as you mentioned there needs to be a constant influx of new or returning players because it’s a one-and-done item. Eventually, even the casuals will have them from events or obtainable free ones.

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What I think about the prices is that I just geared up 3 of my alts because of how much I would have to pay to improve my main :woozy_face:

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How long will that take? I’m trash with propulsion on my gs…

Ikr going for +21 weapon Hurts

Should I sell mine now?

It’s really hard to judge because there is no way of knowing if a prevention will be implemented for thronespire. What I do know is, if the price on Grudge goes up it would be due to inflation. More sources of gold would make everything go up but the price wont feel like it’s changed because 9k right now can buy more than it will in the future.

If i were you, I would sell during a bot banwave while prices spike back up. Or you can opt into keeping them and not worrying about gaining the best value.

Well kakul is coming and the prizes go up since ppl are going to gate keep harder than ever.

that will depend on how many people have 5x3 by clown launch.

the more expensive classes are likely to not even be close

there be many who have and many who don’t.

Well then never! for example in KR bard class engraving is still 5k.

All prices kinda went up on EUC today. Class and non class.

This is something I dont understand.

Prices of engravings should have plummeted in KR, the game has been out for years, majority of people have several legendary engravings so demand for them would drop, sources to get those books have also increased over the years, you would think they would be as easy to get as purples at this point but they arent.


Probably because Gold is much less worth in KR.

we are sitting curently on EUC at 900g for 238 crystals while korea is at at peak at 2700 gold/238 crystals (i think)

So ita should be the other way arround while a engraving would cost 7k in KR, on our servers it should be 2,5k …ofc thats just pure thinking and would be never the case.

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yes once the bot situation dies down
grudge and cursed doll will forever be the most expensive books because of meta slaving
im guessing that they will stabalize at 13-15k by the end of the month

Grudge will never cost 1k unless someone types 1000 instead of 10000 by mistake xD