What do you guys do after completing your weeklies and dailies?

I know there’s adventure tome etc but what else do use do if you have some extra time in the day to waste?

Log off


log off


log off


dang it why was I the 4th to say log off. sigh

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:joy: I’m positive lost Ark is just a mobile game at this point



Why that? What do you do in other MMOs?

I go play Monster Hunter


Yeah I know there all pretty much the same but I’d kinda like it if you could grind mobs similar to bdo, I’d also like more then 2 t3 abyss dungeons :unamused: I know there’s legion raids etc but more is almost always better

Adventure Journal :grinning:

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i dont do my dailes / weeklies. its impossible with 18 chars

log off and post on forums / play dota / lost ark survival chat with friends on disco

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Sometimes helping others with guardian, sometimes pvp (that i hate tbh) to get some free mats. But usually log off.

PVP (I’m creaing a build for Arcana), horizontal content like collectibles, Adventurers tome, Rapports sometimes, Island Souls, Card farm, Life skills, Skill points potions (hunting since I’m still missing some), Giant hearts, mokoko collection trip with friends, finishing quests backlog, time gated islands and activities in the calendar, I’m preparing myself for hell mode raiding and you can do those any times you want for cosmetic rewards, etc.

I go hunt some monsters with the bois

My mates don’t wanna play lost ark so I’m stuck as a returning player in a guild that said they were active….but I’ve seen cemeteries more alive then this guild😬


rough up the suspect

You are sick, talking about all that trash “activities” like they are the ultimate fun in the world!.. And the reality is that it is just garbage, what progress do you get past getting the sklll potions? After that there is no point on wasting a second more in horizontal garbage.

If you have that much time to waste, you are Better leveling more alts to pump more mats and shit to your main and now with the honing buff Even more important.

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I don’t do all of that in a single day homie, stop the name calling and projection. I do have my alts too, he’s talkin when you finisth doing those. My point is there is stuff to do, nothing else.

Edit: and if you managed to get all the horizontal content done well great but I’m not done lol that’s it.

I do dailies with 6 chars, if i have enough energy left I try to farm stuff for adventure tome/ mokoko/ island stuff like that. or do life skills but it is rarely that I am not bored by the end of dailies.