What do you guys think about the summoners in rowen

the entire pvp content literally just feels like summoners tossing animals outside field of view

i know many ppl just bought express and honed summoners for that content

I feel the same as any other pvp aspect of this game, it sucks and is unbalanced.

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rowen pvp is just use a class that can go spec and oneshot people from out of sight.
its so dumb and boring :joy:


The worst thing are gunlancers/zerkers that stack fortitude and heavy armor. Takes an entire village to kill them.

i think that alone won’t do
probably need to stack endurance too
my GL with fortitude/HA/strong will still die fairly fast
i’m on swiftness build

yeah actually ppl just hide in bush wait for boss to start then nuke pheonix

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I can see Phoenix spam hitting you out of view being extra annoying, but let’s not lie every range class in this game attack out of sight. In the case of mages the CC are long and the attacks are endless, it’s unbalanced.

My Rowen PTSD has been the sound of Target Down followed by getting two tapped without ever seeing the gunslinger.

not as serious as summoner for sure, she’s got both effective hitting range and skill aoe range

its because you didn’t saw the mu legend game pvp ,its 1 shot and no reaction .

I nuke them with my sorc.