What do you guys think of these points? In my opinion the game will never achieve it maximum potential because of them. Curious of your opinions!

tldr: the game will not reach it’s maximum potential because it is too predictable.

The good

  • Islands: I love them a lot! Most of them have their own stories and some of those stories are really fun, for example the little boy that wanted to be a turtle. I wish they gave more interesting rewards than honing materials.
  • Sailing/ boat: really cool concept and really gives the feeling that the world is a world. I wish there was more mystery at sea, maybe you could encounter rare monsters that drop something valuable (no, honing materials are not valuable)
  • Diverse world: absolutely love that every part of the world has it’s own theme and that different styles/ concepts are intertwined, for example the cyberpunk of Arthetine vs the island life of Punika. Really love that the devs are not afraid to mix in modern concepts, such as the disco island (I love it!)
  • Collectibles: amazing! love them so much. They give great rewards, love going for the transformations and the occasional mount. These are really good rewards!
  • The story/ questing: yes the main story is pretty generic, but the execution in my opinion is amazing and really well done, love the quirky stuff, the cutscenes, the dances. Demons as a concept are a bit boring for me, wish they did something more creative. Sometimes I wonder if they miss translated it from Korean and that in Korean it has a deeper meaning than demon.
  • The variety of mounts, the astral boards are just amazing
  • The stronghold: good basis, feels underdeveloped but with great potential, just look at animal crossing
  • Skins: a lot are not ingame yet, they are awesome. Love the dying of them.

The bad

  • Collectibles need a manual: I have the feeling that most of the collectibles are not meant to be found naturally but you really need to follow a guide to for example find all the mokokos. This feels really strange for me. An easy fix could be something like the excavation skill where you can scan your environment for hints.
  • Crafting: what crafting? You can’t create cool stuff with the things you gather. Gathering is really fun for some reason, but I want to craft cool stuff, let me craft a mount or all the mounts with a chance to obtain a +X version with certain stats, let me craft gear with the 0,001 % chance to obtain +15 gear, what ever you get the gist.
  • Time-gated content: kinda weird to me but also makes sense as lost ark has a predictable progression system (as in you can’t grind for cool stuff)

The ugly

  • Loot system: what loot? I get a billion purple items in Chaos Dungeons, that I all destroy to get honing materials. This is the same design philosophy that Guild Wars 2 has and part of it’s lack of wider success. I really dislike this system and probably will lose my interest in the game over it. I want to do dungeons and have the (small) chance to obtain cool stuff, mounts, pets, skins, that 0,001 % chance to drop +20 gear, something unpredictable. Predictability is really boring.
  • Honing materials: what a boring, boring system. This is the main thing everything in game provides you with. Absolutely boring. Guild wars 2 has this same boring system where everything in game gives you crafting materials. You know what this creates? A boring world with no mystery, no reason to discover, no reason to grind and fight mobs. This game stole a lot from old gems such as Cabal Online and MU, please steal this part to. It is what made these games gems and still played on private servers.
  • The community: this one is really interesting. I suppose a lot of the players are coming from games such as Fortnite? I always thought the toxic positivity movement of guild wars 2 players was cringy but the community I have found here really is something from nightmares. I am really worrying for the future of the world, these players have 0 patience, 0 respect, 0 of nothing actually. I guess it’s what happens when you grow up with a tablet glued to your eyes.

tldr: the game will not reach it’s maximum potential because it is too predictable.

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Mokokos are completely optional horizontal content. Its not different than finding any “easter egg” within a video game.

Eventually youre going to run out of free boxes of stuff, and youll need gathering to craft fusion material, potions, and battle items. It doesnt need to be “cool”. It already serves its purpose.

Content is time gated so people shelling out 10k USD arent just flying to the moon in progression. It allows hardcores and whales to hit content ceiling faster, but allows other players the ability to catch up to those players at some point.

The loot system is designed to provide resources for the ability to enhance and upgrade your character. Just because its not in the way you want it designed, doesnt mean its objectively bad or limiting the games potential. Certain dungeons later on do drop a mount as weve seen with the Elgacia content update. The game literally revolves around repetitive content, it will always be boring in your mindset.

Go play that then. This game is repetitive and a casual friendly experience. It’s designed to be like this. It’s designed to have multiple characters to do the same repetitive content.

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Isn’t this a repost? I swear I saw this exact same post yesterday or the day before.

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The game is called Lost Ark, not “build your own mmo”

I really love every aspect of the game except the class release order, it’s so annoying to progress further and further on a character i will drop anyway. I’m playing 10h a day and as we get more content it will be harder to swap main. My greatest fear is that legion raids will be too easy for me (coming from WoW clearing every raid mythic) so I will eventually decide dropping the game.

Game does not guide you to “hidden” horizontal content - I guess that’s the point.
I love to search every collectables 1 by 1 online where content creators made websites and videos how to find it.
About community: Someday when you have a kids (if you dont) do your job better.

literally when you open the collectible tab it tells you where you can get them as well as in codex

Except mokokos where been hidden is the idea and world tree leafs that are totally random and can be collected everywhere.
Both of it does not have skill points rewards, yes there is other collectables as rewards (masterpieces) but you dont get skill points with masterpieces. Nobody force you to do them - its content for player who love searching things and you can skip it.

If you think this game has a toxic playerbase then you clearly haven’t played a MOBA before :joy: relative to Smite everyone on here is rainbows and butterflies.

You mean fireflies right ? :smiley:

Thanks for putting the time into this post; I’ll try to give you my thoughts, as you request, just dealing with your complaints since there is already too much to respond to there.

Why exactly would you assume most Lost Ark players are coming from Fortnite? I’d be very surprised if the vast majority of them weren’t coming from the games most similar to Lost Ark, in particular, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy (and to a lesser degree), PoE.

Complaining that there is not an in-game guide on how to find the hidden items (Mokokos) seems silly. There are guides available online for those who want them; for others, part of the fun of finding hidden, secret areas and items is trying to find them oneself. You do know how many are on each map, and you have a general idea of what kind of places to look, so if you want to try to discover them on your own, you can. If you don’t want to discover them yourself with that information, use a guide. I just don’t get the complaint that the game doesn’t furnish the guide for you.

All MMOs have time-gated content. That said, one weakness Lost Ark has is the lack of any kind of infinitely repeatable, scalable content like WOW has in Mythic Plus dungeons. (Yes, you can run infinite chaos dungeons, but they don’t really scale at all, let alone infinitely, and chaos dungeons are easy, face-roll content so aren’t comparable.) Lost Ark has no infinitely repeatable hard content that scales in difficulty and this can be said to be a weakness of the game. I guess PVP could be said to be hard content that doesn’t quickly lock you out of playing more of it, but some people want something similar in PVE.

I think gearing in Lost Ark is pretty interesting. Certainly it’s better than Final Fantasy gearing where everyone has the exact same gear at final end game with no differences. Here you can have different engravings, stats on your accessories, quality level on your gear, ability stone, choose between a few different tier bonuses and so on so there’s actually a lot of differences between gear besides just raw item level upgrades. And this isn’t even to mention other systems like Tripods, gems, cards, etc that add further nuances. And then often you will get interesting gear that you can sell to other players, so there sure as hell are exciting, low probability drops in Lost Ark-- like when you get a perfect necklace you can use yourself (even more rare!) or sell for thousands for gold and buy something you can. Athough WOW gearing certainly isn’t as mind numbingly boring and same-y s as FF, it still feels like there is much more going on in Lost Ark gearing, with more intricate systems, so I see it as having a more complex, and less boring gearing system than the games it competes with.

Sure, they could add a crafting lifeskill, but you already have 6 lifeskills and can already craft at your stronghold all day if you love crafting so much, so I don’t see why this is a problem.

We don’t have fireflies here but I think it’s probably the same. I suppose I could pain some wasps red, does that count?

It was a joke coz my name, nevermind :smiley:

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even notice your name until just now :joy:

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I really don’t understand people who want even more RNG.
Goodness gracious, meeting people who actually want the RNG factor in this manner is ridiculous. I don’t like gambling, and I never liked the 0.001% chance for X drop.
This game at least has a pity system and makes something 100%, I really really do not share this mentality of wanting more RNG. I prefer things to be more predictable, I’m not a gambler and while I can stomach some amount of randomness, if your solution were to be implemented to address what you consider “ugly”, then that would make ME more likely to quit.

It’s just baffling to me.

Just w8 for hellmod kuku and belakis to relise, its rly hard.