What do you like in lost ark?

housing or raids i mean only like :slight_smile:

select server screen just to hear brel music

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nothing i’m just bored wbu


Chaos dungeons and guardians with 8 characters is the highlight of my day.


Full artisan on hones for me :upside_down_face:

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Robots, because of their presence, make me feel like I’m playing a popular game :rofl:


(why do i feel like if i type something good i will be assaulted LOL)

  1. raiding is huge fun, and it’s even more fun if you are well-versed with mechs and helping your friends perfect it.
  2. The process of gearing up itself is fun. where you alt-tab to prepare in excel sheets and seeing what cheapest items to buy to make that perfect engraving.
  3. scolding people in forums LOL

Such a simple question yet I am struggling to find an answer. I guess I still like gate 2 of valtan, its still pretty fun.

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lot of stuff

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making gold. I see it as my score :slight_smile:

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Raids, chaos dungeons, guardians, events, horizontal content, my characters, the combat, the upgrade systems, my guild mates and the world design…can’t really say what I dislike

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It’s a good game to fill/kill time with until League’s MMO, Blue Protocol or some other big game comes out.

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Classes and Legion raids are the best part of Lost Ark, if you dont enjoy Legion raids then Lost Ark wont be fun for you.


Pheons and stone

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Hours of trap runs with friends and pugs

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Having my replies deleted by powertrippers. Cuz that’s when you know you struck their nerve and you live in their head rent free :joy:

0 pay to win, interesting and constantly changing daily content.

Really welcoming end game players teach all the new players how to complete all the end game raids with supreme patience and guidance.

The ability to play any build you want and use any stat spread you like as everything is totally viable without any useless stats or engravings.

You can do skip any content that is boring and it doesn’t effect your progression.

Wait a minute…


oh yeah forgot the most important bit, pheons.

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But we have a “lying for free carry” problem.
99% of the players are honest and only join “exp” Raids if they really have sufficient experience. But every week I have 1-2 in at least one Raid (especially Vykas) who manage to cause wipe after wipe.

We need a clearer language (“Exp” really isn’t precise - it can mean “tried a few times” as well as “have the raid cleared at least 5 times”) and as stupid as it sounds, most raidleads need to be harsher when it comes to restart+kick.
Most of the time Grps disband it really just was 1-2 ppl who played below the required threshold (Everyone can make a mistake, but making the same one 10 times in a row usually shows that you are NOT at farming-level).

The ones hurt most by this are I think the ppl playing the difficult classes (Arcana, Gunslinger, etc.) because we don’t want to risk being stuck for hours because of them…

THAT is the part about raids I don’t like…

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