What do you like/hate the most about the game?

question in the title

That’s simple.

Like: gameplay
Hate: rng everywhere

Like: gameplay of many classes, misic, graphics, different types of content
Dont like: Bard unfair disadvantige, toxicity

That the majority of resource generation is mostly passive/time gated and not active.

I actually like honing and hate honing it’s like my drug addiction in the game. You just can’t have enough of that sound when you weigh success against failure and failure against success. I would go further in depth but I feel it’s inappropriate and should be used in a different thread that allows more dangerous and extreme behaviors so I will refrain from commenting any more than this. Gotta keep the discussion within the Lost Ark community a bit civilized aside from all of the complaints and problems that arise in the forums.

Like: gameplay and all of their conten
Hate:QUEUE 10k everyday

I hate the community on this forum the most
I like the game.

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like: combat, characterbuilding
hate: monitizing methods

I like the combat

Pretty much hate how everything else is executed.

They pretty much took all the great things from other MMOs… crammed them all into one game, and got this pile of shit somehow… like all they had to do was copy the smart kids homework… and some how they looked over at Fred the class dipshit and copied his game instead.

As I type this, I am installing BDO… I figure if I am going to abuse myself with a P2W Korean MMO, I may as well play one I already have amazing gear in and actually enjoy.