What do you think about August?

its just a normal post, i want to hear what do u guys think about the roadmap (just august), personally i think it is a bad decision, for me it has no good points, clown is necessary in august, or at least in the first week of september. since i saw the roadmap i dont have the same vibes to grind or doing daily content to progress anymore, at least til september

No it isn’t. You’re not going to die just because Clown is being delayed.

Good thing the director of the game encourages players to play other games!


You are definitely exaggerating when saying “or at least in the first week of September”. Nothing bad will happen globally if you get it 1-2 weeks later, it’s not going to change anything. I liked the roadmap, I started playing in early June and compared to day 1 players my account is not juiced up yet. I still need a couple of taps to even reach 1475 on main and I need to get 5x3 before clown to have a comfortable situation with group finder. For people like me this is actually a good pace. Knowing that you are able to catch up even though started pretty late motivates you to stay.

no, im not goind to die because that, its a game dude, if im saying its necessary i think its necessary to keep having certain level in the game, that decision could do more damage to the game

It’s fine to have a month with no content so that people can have a bit of extra time to prepare for the raid and catch up. Don’t get stuck in the FOMO spiral. People are not gonna die if clown releases in September.


AGS has access to far more information on the game than you ever will. They clearly think it’s better for the community to delay Clown.

you’re talking about fomo, its not a run and you dont have to be in the same item level as people who plays since the first day, just enjoy the game, but for people who has a good item item level i think clown is necessary in august, and as said, i just want to talk with everyone about the roadmap, not trying to they change the roadmap for me lol

What they think does not represent the truth. They already failed entirely with 1 game, and failed to meet the expectations and keep the numbers high for lost ark as well. No matter how much info they have it is very clear they are not using it in the most proper way.


AGS isnt known for make good decisions, just if the community talks

At first i was annoyed, but now i get to chill out in August. Spiderman is releasing on pc on the 13th and Total War Warhammer 3 is getting a new dlc so for once i might actually play another game

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if you inspect your average turtle guardian raid player, most of the 1475s are not ready for clown. only top 10% tile players are fine with running 4x3+1 BIS engravings (not budget subsitutes). in relic stats with average gems/cards.

Your average player/pug needs 5x3 in good quality relic stats/level 7 gems minimum → not even half of the 1475s I inspect have that. They’re running around in 2 or more legendary accs (since they can’t afford legendary books) with low quality (1500-1550 main stat) and a few level 7/mostly level 5 gems. The 1 month is a great decision so those players can stop focusing on ilvl and actually invest in the power needed for clown


its a good point but i dont think that july-august-half september without new raid is the solution

5x3 isn’t easy to obtain, it requires legendary books and at the moment, unaffordable pheon costs. Hopefully blue crystals drop significantly in the next month


it’s a dead month but, eventually, most months are gonna be dead when we catch up to korea so there’s not much we can do. What I would recommend is: put your character on ilvl 1475 to be ready for Clown and if you’re not interested in honing any other character just take a break from lost ark, you’ll enjoy the game more when you come back for the big September update

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im not boring now(just daily stuff), im just thinkg about the future of the game, because we’re not in august jet, so we have a lot of time until clown in the game, imagine how will be the game in 3-4-5 weeks, so boring, and as i said, they’re not in good position to make these decisions, i like it, i accept it, i understand why, but im not agreed

I think the August patch is fine to be honest. It gives a little break inbetween content for people to catch up if theyre casual or focus on roster content / leveling an alt without pressure of losing time on Kakul.

Super super excited about pet farm though. For those of you who never played in other regions, or got to experience it when you did. Basically its a stronghold activity which allows you to earn cosmetics amongst other things.

QOL changes look good too, always did want to add my friends in other same region servers. Visiting stronholds cross server will be awesome too.

Septembers updates will be very meaty though, so I plan to utilize August to save gold & materials and push my Bard & Scrapper into the 1400s.

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It will be a chill month, just farming a shit ton of gold to be prepared for Scouter/Clown


I’m fine with no content, but the thing is that we’ll be severely overgeared when Clown gets released and it takes away from the raid.

Even though I don’t care when the new classes get released because none of them will make it to my top6, it’s ridiculously stupid to drag it on for so long.

If they already delayed clown by a month, why not give us a new class in August? Or at least split it so scouter is in first September update.

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Then stop gearing your main and focus on your alts?

delayed? wtf

its a good idea too, thats my point, august is a bad decission, and september is too much for some people, and ur idea could help with people who’s obsessed with new classes