What do you think about August?

Class release should have been monthly and 1 in August. Should not have been paired up with clown in September

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I think it is great!! Gives me the much needed break. I don’t have to stress about honing my alt or my main.

At long last, I can take it easy for a while and do other things or play other games for a bit. Go outside more often and such…haha.

I hope after clown. They slow it down a bit more before the next raid.

People going to hate me for this. After clown, I hope the next raid won’t come until next year. Not that I am not ready. My main is at 1490 and one of my alt is at 1445. All gear properly. My other 3 are at 1410.

It be nice, after clown they just do character release month after month until next year:)


i dont see it as bad, but next raid is Brelshaza and that raid is art, so good to inject new players

They should be releasing a class a month alongside hell modes in the break time between clown/breshalza. It’s a perfect time for people to get the classes they want to play before we move to ancient gear (so those classes can be ready for ancient gear by breshalza)

Not having a class released and ancient gear out is gg


not everyone likes to play with alts or farm 24/7 everyday, no matter if the game is designed like that, everyone needs a place in the game, and for them it is worse than the rest

this could be good, but just for a percent of the playerbase, some people thinks more classes are not new content, new content need a balance

Well people like that have to understand that if they keep upgrading their mains the content will be easier.

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You want new content every dam month? What’s going to happen once we catch korea…and theres no new content for 6 months? Maybe u should quit now

this comment is so out of context, you didnt understand

I enjoy the downtime.
In fact, I think Kakul might be a little too early too.

August gives us time to bring all 6 of my characters to 1460, farm gold to get 5x3 and 1510 on my main by end-September.

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that isnt good, content need a balance, it shouldnt be easy because people with be overgeared in september

I am fine with the road map for Clown, but i wish the scouter came august and clown stays september, but what can you do if they are adamant on 1 per 2 months. Anyway I actually like the break of 1 month before the big content comes because

  1. People started to get used to Vykas’ mechs, but there are people who are still struggling.
  2. It keeps content at a rhythmical pace instead of feeling like they are rushing to get content out and make people have to rush to get to the content.
  3. People getting burned out are players fault instead of playing at their own pace.
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that would be the best

That’s a very different game that they developed. Also, New World isn’t dead just yet. They recently had a decent update; some are hoping they re-launch. But we’ll see.

Not really the same.

Whose expectations? Mine have all been met. And the numbers are fine; anyone expecting them to remain as high as they were on launch day is delusional. MMO’s always lose a significant amount of players during the first few months because thats when players realize the game isn’t for them.

You can’t possibly know this.

Counter point; they’ve been doing a decent job.

New World is dead, it’s playable for people who cannot leave the game, but is dead, the rest im agreed with you

and its as i said, their good decisions were made because the community talks to change their bad decisions

june roadmap has already ruined my vibes so much that im not shocked by any bad decisions anymore
its just that every other week im surprised by how much stupid decisions they can come up with

im always expecting the worst and dumbest things now so actually the roadmap met my expectations.


I’m content with it. I’m happy I’m finally getting time to focus on my alts.

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No, if you chose a playstyle you have to take the risks, for example for me: i want to upgrade my alts, and i have to take the risk on having a main weaker than the ppl who only play 1 character.

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Not really, i say about 30-35% they are making some good decisions and the other 65-70% they are making pretty bad decisions. EX: Implemented the worse Event ever, Banning VPNs (Although they revise that mistake, but they went through with it is a bad decision itself), the argos debacle, taking out summoner when people already played it pre-release and still with-holding till this day, and nerfing abyss raids (i get why they nerf T1-2 guardians, but abyss raids? when abyss raids are meant to teach players how to use battle items and mechs?), which make challenge abyss raid ez as hell.

It wont be “easy” i see a bunch of 1490’s at Vykas dying left and right.

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