What do you think about grudge?

We were not talking about hell mode this whole time???

Because the longer the fight, the more bullshit you have to deal with, the more chance for raid to fail.

don’t use mass increase on zerk they so slow as it is.

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thats a negative. Grudge is literally the best dps engraving you can get. Use it.

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It’s 4% more damage than a different engraving, for 20% less effective health.

And this is for usually 2-5x the price.

Why pay more for a worse engraving than something like hitmaster, kbw, adrenaline, ambush master etc.

I wonder how bad people need to be to blame them dying on grudge and therefore not use it and say “dead dps is 0 dps bruh” you guys need to search an easier game, this aint for ya.

Since last balance patch increased mass during red dust is bigger dmg gain than Grudge because the way the new red dust works

For me i have used grudge since i first reached 1370 and learning mechs while using grudge made me a better player overall.

Yeah I’m pretty sure Grudge is worth the money and the effort and all the pots spent?? It’s only good if your class has no other good engraving to replace like Arcanist or GS etc etc.

The price is just too much for what it does for you, but If the price was less then I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

If you harbor grudge against someone, you end up hurting yourself.

Then cursed doll would just as good and you wouldn’t attack like a snail.

If you have a support with yearning and a db/wd in your group attack speed is almost never a problem, plus Mayhem is already fast building both crit/swiftness on top of mayhem providing attack speed.

grudge isnt magic, its not a matter of early with grudge and late without.

take a look at this math sentence,

which is greater ((x+y)z^2)*1.15 or ((b-a)c^1.5)*1.2

truth is there are many factors which go into dps.

cursed doll and increased mass are not similar things.

use of increased mass is more about playstyle/build.

cursed doll is just about how well you cope with damage.

for some builds/playstyles increased mass has no downsides

Funny enough i don’t have grudge on my main 4x3 reflux sorc and still doing HM vykas and Valtan just fine. I do plan to include it in 5x3 once i have class and grudge legend books.

It’s easy:

If you can’t play with grudge you need to get better at the game.

If you run out of pots on any content (specially with a support in party) you need to get better at the game.

Sorry but that’s not an opinion, if you’re on any of those 2 groups just try to understand your class and the fight better because grudge is not the problem here.

Its amazing obviously, if you ask me its too good, It seems like an engraving that every single class except support uses is probably overtuned, The damage buff it gives should probably be tuned down to hitmaster level, maybe reduce the negative effect as well.

In my opinion there are way too many useless engravings and stats. They should just remove the throw away stuff and clean up the trash stats by removing stuff that noone uses.

I use Grudge and Cursed Doll, I play Deadeye and have no problems staying alive. I think Grudge pre relic gear is troll though. There are too many BS boss fights pre relic gear that have much harder to dodge damage. I’m not saying Velganos / Argos are impossible but they are very unfun and become increasingly unfun if you take Grudge.

Using Grudge made me a better player. You have to respect boss basic attack patterns a lot more with it on and even disregarding the DPS increase Grudge provides knowing the patterns better means better dps.

A lot of people won’t ever learn to play until they take Grudge. Quite a few classes can half ass their gameplay and still succeed if they don’t have Grudge.

There are like 3 assumptions going on that is really fucking with the perception of grudge and also what getting hit means.

  1. Grudge is 100% not necessary to clear content pre Kuku and likely even at kuku. However more damage is never a bad thing. More damage means less patterns, it means cleaner transitions and it means less time spent in the long run.

  2. Grudge does not equal death. If you have a support then you are extremely unlikely to die even if you have grudge from the vast majority of attacks. The downside might mean you have to pot once or twice more if you really fucked up.

  3. Not having grudge DOES NOT MEAN YOU GET TO EAT ATTACK PATTERNS. The biggest problem with the bulk of attack patterns is not the damage you take. It’s the knockdowns. Every single time you get knocked down without your rollback that is significant dps loss. You do NOT get to just eat basic patterns just because you don’t have grudge. It is ALWAYS suboptimal to an extreme degree to get hit. So if you are going to be dodging most patterns anyways why not take the extra damage with grudge?

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I don’t think the game being balanced around the idea you have it is good game design, to be honest. I don’t like that it removes the choice of one of your limited engravings, or how even if you don’t need it, it won’t change the fact that using a flat 20% damage boost when you don’t need it will make what you’re doing that much easier.