What do you think about lancemaster in pvp?

We will probably see alot of them in arena pretty soon, so what can we expect?
Is it a class that is easy to pick up? What are strengths/weaknesses? How does it play compared to other classes? If someone already played it on RU or KR would be nice to hear some opinions?

You wont get the truth from anyone.
On ru lancemaster was one of the most broken dps out there.
It was like a striker with knockdown immunities, long range instant dash stun, warlord shield block, with no cooldowns and insane damage.
S+ tier.
Problem is that the class got nerfed and I assume we get the nerfed version, I dont know how strong it is.
But from RU server Lance master was
1 Super fast, gunslinger level of mobility
2 High damage combos
3 Low cooldowns on skills, if you get cought, by the time you roll they have their catch skills ready.
4 Unlike striker they have T2 immune skills
5 If you dont have a roll they snipe you for 40k+
6 Warlord like block skill with a stun… on a mobile class
7 Another stun that works like arti stun, unreactable, has to be predicted, very long range
8 Aweakening is super shit, its only real use is T3 immunity
9 tornado… I dont want to spoil you man, you will love it :smiley:

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All the kids crying about db will be crying about LM and db fotm will reroll