What do you think about my friend?

My friend hardly fail to up item lvl. what do you think about he? How many fails do you have?

Poor guy neglects stronghold, but sure his luck seems alright.

Have maxed out the achievement, so I think it’s healthier to just ignore count, enjoy the game and not worry about it too much.


how much item lvl do you have? I’m 1409 with 248 hone fails :sweat_smile:

I recently reached 500, trying to get 1460, before 1400 I had a similar luck to your friend.

I remember 1 tapping from +12 to +17 on multiple pieces, it was great, but now I reached pity multiple times trying to get from +17 to +18 and +18 to +19

Now I am parked at 1475, with no intentions of honing more in the near future.
Have 4 alts at 1415 and 1 still at 1370.

After a while, you just get numb to pain from fails lmao.

What is the point of this thread?