What do you think about Valtan NM and HM?

They released Valtan this way too in the KR server

However, NM only drops relic accessories whilst HM drops relic gear in which most cases make your class that feel unplayable feel jacked (attack speed, cooldown reduction, crit).

The general progression in KR is :

Valtan > Vykas > Valtan Hard (So it may feel weird doing 1445 content but then releasing 1430)

The entry level for Valtan HM is 1445 which most of the f2p playerbase if any will never reach in time for Valtan release

So the whales, the streamers will be playing HM and some of the f2p who pushed doing NM.

What are your opinions on this? will the Argos situation repeat? or will it be chill?


I think it’s fine, there are already enough characters with 1 peanut on the brain saying they should delay content that will always be in the game. They should be happy that we are going to have more content soon and not be crying because they only play 2 hours a day and they are not going to make it on time.

Fine with me, I dont need to do Valtan Hard on release, not as if it’s going to be possible to beat without practice. Can’t wait to watch whales stream and die to it.
Im going at my pace, being there 3 weeks later or 1 month later doesn’t matter, it’s how progression works.

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No it will be fine, but they should implement the 1340-1370 “honing buff”. This will allow the more casual players to at least enjoy the “last tier” raid and help people at the top end raise alts to enjoy.

That was the biggest issue with Argos release, imo. Most dedicated f2p players couldn’t get to 1370 in a month and no system was in place to help these players get there.

Then they can release NM/HM Vykas in June, as the NM entrance is 1430. So 1430 has more content until HM Valtan and then HM Vykas. With maybe Vykas/kakul saydon, they can ease the honing until 1415 to accommodate casual players. Guardian raids/chaos dungeons should be released on a monthly basis, regardless of legion raid release as this is daily content and not meant as “end game”

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Tbh i think they should consider releasing Byakiss and Valtan together so it would create a healthy ratio of content to character progression.

We’d only need 1 full set of upgrades to experience each new raid and we could actually craft our relic sets. More gold, more content, less effort invested to experience new content.

It would remove the whole jumping back to 1430 concept, which is just odd to begin with.

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This would be a bit too much at once I think, very unlikely.

With the addition of South Vern we have all the materials we need to push through to 1445, Vykass exists as an avenue for crafting gear and not pushing ilvl - the Valtan gear can be gear transferred into to take advantage of the 3.2 gear honing rate jump, similar to what happens at 1370 with Abyssal HM/Argos gear.

Even once players are at 1445, 1430 normal Vykass still has just as much value as she drops relic without HM, still gives a large chunk of gold, and opens up the sets for crafting that require Valtan and Vykass materials.

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It’s also designed to limit getting 6 piece set too quickly.

Thats fair.

I guess it just feels weird to do content with a lower ilvl requirement than prior content.

Unless the idea is that maybe the majority of people would be 1430 by the time its out and not 1445, but idk.

It’s the same as Argos. The more people in the deadzone, the more they are willing to swipe, especially whales.

But they brought my lance master first, so I’m gonna swipe.

not all of us want to zerg the Valtan Hard mode
its one hell of a fight
and btw most of the whale are not pro player and prolly will face a hard reality check with the difficulty of Valtan Hard mode
and i wont give a rats ass if they clear it in 5 min from release

Biakiss :heart_eyes:

Yeah that’s definitely a fair point - that’s something you’ll get used to with Lost Ark but is very understandable how it could be interpreted through the lens of other games.

1 year from now, you will still be doing Argos every week if for nothing else than the gold. In this game we’re always going back and doing the old content because it’s kept relevant essentially forever.

One thing I’m afraid of is : 1490 whales oneshotting Valtan could drive people away from the game, because we already know Legion raids are supposed to be harder than any current content.

Honestly, idk why didn’t they cap the gear at 1445.

I think Hard Mode is capped at the ilvl of the raid.

maybe they will put the same restriction like argos, do equal for all ppl, if you join NM you will have 1415 and if you join HM everyone will have 1445, so if you have 1490 dont will care because you will have 1445 in HM and 1415 in NM, i like if they put it equal for everyone, maybe for 1 or 2 month, and then remove the restriction

I get that and im ok with that because Lost Ark does something that a lot of games dont do. They keep old content relevant. The order is just weird. It almost feels like maybe it was unintentional and they originally may have wanted it to be a higher ilvl but then decided on 1430.

I think that is how it has ever been supposed to be.

Give content for both players. For instance having only N would make whales steamroll contente since some are going for 1490. It’s ok for regular players to play normal mode first, then if they are luck they go for H, and later on when Vykas releases they play Vykas.

Specially since Korea releases Normal and Hard at the same time

The general release in Korea was Valtan NM & HM > Vykas NM & HM.

So if all goes well and we get Vykas in June, maybe we will have Valtan NM > Vykas NM > Valtan HM

personally i would prefer the gear progression path for new content (+15 content,+16 content,…,etc) just to avoid the crybabies in forum that will say hard mode is pay to win and gated content.

but yeah in all other regions normal and hard mode always came together, which is fine for me,but still i would prefer the first way just for that specific reason.

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I don’t see myself having an issue hitting 1445, but I also find it annoying because it’s a pretty difficult goal with the extremely obfuscated systems of mats from 30 different sources and RNG honing that it’s hard to tell.

Very much looking forward to hitting 1445 with Valtan release and being able to not worry about honing because there will presumably be like a month before Vykas and a month for 1445 to 1460 is wayyyy easier than a month for 1400 to 1445.