What do you think of Strikers in PvP?

As a striker that mains PvP i would like to know what you think of us. Comparing to before these changes they were D tier but now there B/A tier

What do you think?:
-Are they too good for 1v1?
-Are they perfect the way they are?
-Are they the CC king some claim him to be?

Maybe you just down right can’t stand strikers. According to the matches ive been in there OP honestly i highly disagree with this.

I think they’re one of if not the strongest 1v1 class. Could maybe see Zerker or a really good Sorc giving them issues but otherwise I reckon they just gas pedal down anything else with minimal resistance.

I think they’re absolutely fine in 3v3, and given more time I’d probably agree with/understand the higher ranked players claiming them to be average/below average. I’m probably just biased atm while nobody knows how to peel and are happy to watch a team mate get carried around the arena indefinitely.

As far as CC goes they’re head and shoulders above other melee when it comes to being oppressive imo. Only thing I’d rank above them is Sorc.


On this patch with 750 swiftness, I actually think hes good

We are strong, we are not as mobile as people think. We have paralysis immunity on our engages which is great but it seem there are some classes we can’t trade even with but rather kite/bait them and then engage. I’m finding a lot of success in just playing extremely aggressive and not letting up on my target. I think we can beat any class 1v1 but we can also be beaten pretty easily if they catch us. Deathblade push immunity is way stronger than us though if in the right hands. I still beat deathblades all the time though. But like I said getting caught more than twice means we’re dead.

I mean most classes get beaten if caught/ bursted unless youre tanky af.

The problem i have with striker is the literal ultra instinct you need to have to dodge that hard cc jump of theirs.

I exclusively play elimination 1v1, i force aspect to 21;9 , shrank down HUD , can 1v3 most times ( so im not bad by all means)

And i even expect it, but most of the time its still too fast/ you cant see it coming from the edge of the screen. And then you get juggled for 40% of ur hp if the striker is half decent. Rinse and repeat and youve won

Hahaha, well phoenix advent can be interrupted pretty easily. You just need to react faster no disrespect

HOw dare you disrespect my family like that?? ( Lol!)

:rofl::rofl: Soon as you see them leap just use a paralysis immunity engage/cc of your own, I’m not an expert or anything like that but I believe if your frames are active before phoenix advent reaches you it’s an even trade. Maybe a high rating stiker could correct me if I’m wrong. Also forcing positions is huge part of lost ark it seems that I’m still getting used too

you’re right, phoenix advent only has the dissapearing from screen for a moment as it’s only advantage, other than that, it gets disrupted ridiculously easy, I actually hate using that skill, in 3v3 the slightest touch will interrupt it and you’re just hit stunned for 2 hours while you get one shot, strikers are a lot squishier than they look, it’s an art to actually engage well, that’s why the cc you get is warranted, god knows getting in range of some classes is just straight up impossible unless you sit and wait for that perfect moment, with the lack of superarmor it really is super easy to get outtraded and kited, but when you get those punches and kicks in, extremely satisfying

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I mean i think OP and me as well were discussing about their powers in 1v1. I made the mistake to watch tierlists and striker was always at the bottom.

My mistake was assuming that actually was for 1v1, i expected easy face rolls, but most strikers in 1v1 dominate.

Idk, personally I don’t like calculating a class strenght based on 3v3. There are other factors that you cant control such as teammates etc. Its power is definitely different in 1v1 when nobody can peel them off.

Deathblade is way stronger than striker in 1v1. Striker can juggle you if you misplay or use trinket at first interaction but if you save trinket for moon leaf kick and use a paralysis immunity/push immunity of your own after the trinket you have pretty much shut down our go and now we are extremely vulnerable. Trust me as a striker main just walk us into a corner and don’t let us run around the map.

By trinket you mean fast recovery?

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Yeah, it think he means get up roll/dash with trinket.

Its a term from wow arena. Its the "Insignia of the Horde/Allicance in your trinket slot that you can use if you are cced, to set you free.

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In 1v1 he’s pretty good but 3v3 I like to use him to peel and disrupt in the back line. I feel like anytime I commit to a long combo in a 3v3 I’ll get caught and punished so idk striker is good but you gotta time your engages like perfectly or else you’d get effed up.

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Yes. I heard the Russian tournament players referring to it as trinket lol

Literally overpowered, being able to totally lock down another class from 100-0 in 1v1 is broken no matter what way you look at it.

This is exactly how I feel. I have won multiple 1v3 in elims, would consider myself an OK player, but getting juggled by a striker just has zero counterplay as a sharpshooter.

well yeah, but the problem is the game isn’t balanced around 1v1 IMO, it’s balanced around 3v3, so it’s a bit weird to talk about class strength as a 1v1 thing when some classes are clearly made to excell with teammates and peel

speaking fax no printer, I think that’s a good role for striker, disrupting backline when you can and helping allies, any time you try to go anime mode and commit you have to be perfect or you’ll just get cc’d for an hour and die, cuz it’s not like you’re that tanky either

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I don’t think its weird because OP specifically asked about 1v1 performance.

I double dont think its weird because the game “sort of” has a 1v1 mode (not really).

So if you go vs a striker as yourself ( you dont count your teammates as factors usually, as they are outside your control) youre most likely to lose and it’s unbalanced for the reasons mentioned above.

They have 1v1v1, and they added duels in custom as well in kr recently, if you do these, I would rightfully assume you need to balance things accordingly, but what do i know.