What do you think of the creative director's vision?

I really want to respect the creative director’s vision and want to believe that he sees a larger picture that I am missing but I just don’t see the fun in the core game-play loop and certain design decisions.

For example, chaos dungeons give you a billion purple items that are all worthless, you destroy them to get crafting materials. What a weird and boring system. There is nothing to grind for, no pets that drop, no rare mounts, no +20 weapon with cool glow that you can farm from map mobs or dungeon mobs or even craft with the materials you gather. I love farming for world leaves but even that is capped because I reach my daily energy limit for farming gatherables.

I just don’t see a reason to keep pushing that iLVL. The core game-play loop is uninspiring or I just don’t get the director’s larger vision. Everything is too predictable, too confined. Like going on an adventure to find treasure but you already know that that treasure is 20 destruction stones before going on that adventure, do you guys like this? Might be just me and that’s fine then the game is just not for me.

What am I missing here? Do you guys like this sort of gameplay? Where you grind mobs for essentially nothing of value? Maybe I’m just out of touch with the younger generations. There is like 1 mount that can drop? Two skins?

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This game has different style than runescape or other grind mmos youre referencing, they get their +20 weapon from a drop from a boss, you get it by either fast with lucky honing, or slow with unlucky honing

Now you want lost ark to be your other game, thats simply not gonna happen, if you want +20 wep drop, go play runescape or whatever game that drops u BiS weapon from months of grinding.

ok. So you enjoy this system? You like farming chaos dungeons and knowing exactly what drops you will get? No incentive but framed and predictable ones?

Simple yes or no answer please. And please refrain to be passive agressive to someone who is sharing his opinion from his passion for what is good in lost ark.

I loved the game at first. New areas, new dungeons and lots of islands. Then came the honing process. A boring and tedious way of progressing. No new gear, no “special” gear, just the same gear and you raise a number.
When you hit the “endgame”, you do get accessoires, but no gear, just materials for crafting, and you have 2-3 sets… Everybody runs around doing the same thing everyday, only to get that special number higher.
The only thing that you can get/do to be different is skins. There is nothing special about this game, that you can grind for that would make you more special than the person next to you… Its a sad sad circle of neverending griding for mats, silver and gold, so your number goes up.

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Yes, I agree. I must say that the horizontal content is great, love all the rewards you can work for. The problem is it is not really tied to the core game-play loop. Even islands feel unrewarding when you know everything they give is crafting materials to continue the boring main-loop.


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Yes I love the system. Your ignorant questions are going on my nerf though.

Cool, what is exactly that makes you love it?

Why are they going on your nerf? Do you really believe a question can be ignorant? If so, can you please explain to me why my questions are ignorant?

The problem is that the design goal was not fun for the gamers
The main goal was "how we can grab much as possible money from the players
The problem is now that amazon has changed this well monetized game to an more monetized version.

That is the reason this games feels that dumb for older player like you and me.

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The way you wrote it is the annoying part. You are kinda wondering how we can like a game like this. My question is how can you not like it? Did you ever play Diablo like games? I love the grind. And I like games with isometric perspectives.

Chaos dungeons have a lot of variance. Sometimes you get really low drop rates, sometimes you get high drop rates. Sometimes you get a gold or red portal that has huge bonus materials, usually you don’t. Sometimes you get a cube ticket or boss rush ticket from the floor 2 boss, usually you don’t.

Yeah but in Diablo or Path of Exile you grind against the game and if u have luck you get your item.
In Lost Ark you grind against amazon and ags merit performance. They can change loot, chances, what ever to get even more money. That has nothing to do with grinding. In lost ark you are the horse with the carrot in front of you. But you will never collect the carrot.

You did not really answer my question. You know that you can find cool loot right in Diablo?

Please answer my question or stop chatting with me.

Those are some of my most favorite things in the game. Unfortunately they are not enough for me and you can just get like 1 mount and 2 skins from the gold portals. Love the gold/ red portals. Also love to get an expensive engraving drop from a chaos dungeon.

Oof, the creative director looks like he really has his heart in this project. I just can’t see him ruining art with business…

Whatever the vision is or was it’s ruined by the progression system that is designed at every turn to create gambling addicts. I see it in my friend group - people can’t resist honing so they turn to swiping, legitimate or otherwise. I can’t really believe any of his nice words when the game is a casino and every aspect is designed against player fun and towards creating fomo and making you feel like you need to do hours of chores on 6+ characters. It struck me as strange that he wanted to create an MMO when this game has more the essence of a mobile gacha game.

Don’t get me wrong there’s great aspects of the game which are why I still play, but I’m not going to ignore the predatory psychological tactics at its core. Yes you can say you’re above it and it doesn’t affect you, but that doesn’t change it from being there.

The way I see it, the weekly abyssals and raids that drop jewelry are your unique cool pieces. The horizontal content with all the collectibles are what you’d look for for additional mounts, transformations and ship skins.

But I’ll agree that the daily loop feels boring, especially chaos dungeons. At least late t3 guardians are quick, decently fun and yield consistent and good money, like yoho.

For me this is the great loss that’s happened during my lifetime of gaming (i’m now 49). I really miss cool item drops that you could spend your spare time farming for, be it Jboots, in everquest, pets/mounts in WoW etc.

It all went downhill once WoW started selling pets in the cash shop, the coolests pets/mounts suddenly were all wallet farms. Now with FTP games, it’s all about buying skins. There is no cool ingame costmetics to farm… I definately miss it.

It appears that the new zone KR are getting has raid mounts i think, so they are maybe starting to realise you have to have some reason for people to keep doing content and unique drops such as pets/mounts/skins are a good way of doing it that does not need balancing.

So maybe we can be hopeful that the tide might change?

Funnily enough i’ve had 2 cosmetics from chaos’ but i dont think it’s well publicised, one was the wolf mount (available at one island too) and i’ve had a helmet skin for my pally. So they do exist, i just hope they expand on it and make it more part of the core experiance going forward.