What does foreseeable future mean?

I know no one else knows so this is more a question specifically for the people of Lost Ark. What does the foreseeable future mean? Currently, many people are freaking out about the server locks, but it mostly is due to the ambiguity of the statement. If the lock lasts for a few days, weeks, months really change how much this is going to affect those locked away from friends.

IT means in the future

They don’t know the duration. It will be in place as long as Amazon and Smilegate think it needs to be in order for queues not to balloon.

They don’t know and/or they don’t want to tell you. Either way no point in asking.

i’ve googled translated this and all i found was “Screw you, we got your money already, don’t expect us to do anything about it anymore”

The foreseeable future is fairly permeant. I am going to continue to play this game for the foreseeable future. That means I don’t foresee any reason to stop any time soon.

Although foresight isn’t 20/20