What does post-Brelshaza content look like for non-Legion-Raiders?

Heya guys,

That might be a bit specific question, and I’m pretty sure to know the answers, but if someone has an idea what it looks like in Korea, that’d be nice !

For the context ; I don’t have much time to play, but still enjoying as of today doing the regular non-Legion content on a few chars - Orehas / Chaos Gates / Guardians / Argos / horizontal stuff / Boss Rush+Cubes when I feel like it, nearly exclusively using Matchmaking.

Due to this lack of time (and probably some lack of skill and motivation to engage in hard content), I’m kinda blocked at Argos’ set, which still allows me to have my “main” at 1465 (with potential to reach 1490 if I upgrade everything). This is pretty much enough for me to enjoy right now, doing Argos + Deska/Kunge + second Chaos Dungeon.

If, as I suppose, there isn’t any “gear upgrade” other than Valtan/Vykas/Kakul/Brelshaza, I’ll be blocked at this item level, which is fine in and by itself, I have no problem with that, but is there a risk that Deska/Kunge/Argos will become dead content upon Brel release ?
I guess it could be the same for the new Cube/Boss Rush stuff if there is the new ticket

Just to clarify - I know that I could buy busses to at least get Relic set, but with limited game time, I don’t really want to sink most of it AFKing in busses (and anyway if we have to pay by ingame mail, for some reason I’m not “Trusted” and this thing doesn’t seem to work at all so… :smiley: ).

Thanks by advance for any reply !

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Yea you need progres there will be new guardian new chaoss dungeon with new items - braclets…If you feel legion raids are hard for you … try some video guides and just do valtan/ vykas normal mode to get experience and slowly get bones and wings to upgrade your gear to relic…

The real fun in this game start with relics set and legion raids…

Dont be shy to make own learning lobby


Just like he answered. Watch a guide or two, and look for “learning parties” and specially normal modes are very forgiving and will provide you a smoother experience.
You say you havent much time, so just one day, skip chaos and guardians and go give it a try to at least see this type of content.

The game relys mostly on those legion raids, it would be sad to not try those at least once !

soon in find party

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For sure.
Whenever I start my clown lobby, there’s 3 or 4 supports applying before my other static members join. Not to mention lobby name clearly states it’s FULL guild run.
If you have any ‘support issues’ means you’re either undergeared and nobody wants to join, or raiding in the middle of the night.

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You dont have to worry about dead content at your current iLvL. Check out this link


It pulls data from KR at the current moment in time and is a snap shot of all characters made in regards to their ilvl. What I infer from the graphs is that most of the population parks alt characters in the 1415-1472.5 range while pushing their mains higher.

You’ll probably see a similar trend in our version so there should be tons of players to do these activities with

Thanks all for your replies !
Indeed the “learning groups” are an option, but I don’t want to be that guy who has to leave in the middle of nowhere, as I can’t really guarantee I’ll be playing for more than half an hour / one hour at a time due to other constraints - I’d love to be able to pull all-nighters as in my good ol’ WoW raiding days, but that time is gone (as is my skills I’m sure). I’ll try that on weekends, we’ll see :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that’s great news, thanks for that, I didn’t know. I don’t mind if I get to play only around alts, finding groups for quick content is good enough for me (so far).

Yeah and you can also go rehearsal clown for example

Mid tier3 onward the game is heavily focused on legion raiding. The next gear upgrades that reset the honing lvl are Brelshaza, Brelshaze Hard, and Akkan. You will need to find a way for your character to do them if you want to get the next armor sets, do big damage or big heals, and continue the storyline.

My advice would be to try to progress at your own pace. Try to find or start groups for Valtan and try the rehearsal raids. From this point onwards pretty much everything revolves around legion raids.

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