What does that Item do? Thread

Leap’s Essence
what is life energy consumption?
is this effect permanent?

So this item gives you 3000 Life energy consumption as stated.

So you use this item and you get a little icon below your life energy. Every time you gather something it gives you double XP but consumes double energy.

The effect isn’t permanent and lasts until you use the 3000 energy. It’s meant for folks who want to burn through their energy fast and get their gathering done faster.

I have been using these ALOT and always like to have them on me whenever I am gathering. It just makes me get done with gathering that much quicker. But I may be doing it wrong, so who knows?


Something to consider is that it may reduce your chance at getting higher rarity items since its turning two drop changes into one.

I just tried that one and it does absolutely nothing :man_shrugging:
any idea?

ok, found it…
be careful, this item DOES NOT give you energy at all, it just adds a counter for the next consumed 3000 energy to be higher priced for double EXP and double tool consumption.
too bad, would have been a GREAT way to get 3000 energy :grin:

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Next Item:
Got these items by killing huge roosters on the Alakkir Island. And when I got them they had a gold value to them. But now it seems they have no value. How do these items work?

as I understand it, any item with the “sack” symbol is trash and can be vendored (same when you scrap something)

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It is double trade skill experience untill you consume 3000 energy. After you use it press B to switch to trade skill. In middle top of your skill bar you will see Green circle which indicates how much you have left out of that 3000. Its pretty good item if you wanna rush something to lvl 10/20 in order to be able to gather in later zones in case you missed out during leveling.

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Not sure if this counts, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what things I should be prioritizing my seals for from the stronghold merchants. I buy the Gineah’s coins, XP cards, and extra Crew members when they show up. Anything else I should be prioritizing?

Big thing to keep in mind, is this DOES NOT give you 3000 energy… it simply puts a 3000 energy cap on the buff for double xp and double energy use. So if you don’t have 3000 energy, you will have to wait until you get more energy to finish using it. I originally thought it GAVE you 3000 energy as well… it doesn’t so please don’t make my mistake.

These items with that little sack next to them… Are what the game calls… trash. They sell for very little silver. Go to any normal market vender like general merchant, click the sell tab, click sell trash and all of these will go in. This is their only use to be sold for a little silver.