What does the 'Exclude gear with the set Skill Tree Level or above' option in the auto-dismantle config do?

If I check this option, no amulet is auto-dismantled even if it doesn’t have a Skill Tree Notification icon. And I have set notification to show up when the tripod level on the amulet is lv4 or higher, but those with no such tripod level are also kept. Does anyone know what this option does?

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Tracking. Also i got the same question.

I’ve been trying to use it. It clearly doesn’t work. There’s no way to make it dismantle useless amulets.

Highlihting stuff seems to work so it’s relatively easy to dismantly anything that’s not marked.

As for the asked setting, it could refer to active skill tree effects. If you have a skill tree tripod active, it would exclude such piece that has that tripod at or above currently set level. That’s what it reads.