What DPS Engravings do you use?

I know for obvious reason grudge/cursed doll gives highest damage but the combination can be very dangerous with penalties.

I noticed some engraving with reduced/conditional can be very effective based on combination of engravings or combo with relic set. Below are few that gave me really good result based on trixion.

I’m not really good DPS but with some trial and error I can usually get fighter in MVP window at 1370

  1. MP efficiency- this engraving is so feaking wonderful on reflux sorc with hybrid swiftness crit build. 30% additional mp regen when mp is below 50% +12% additional damage. Also its cheap so its a good choice for 3rd or 4th engraving

  2. Increased Mass - for spec build dps this is great. Pinnacle Glaivier with increase mass does wonder again this is pretty cheap.

  3. Precise Dagger/Adrnaline/Keen blunt Weapon - with swift crit build adding PD/Adrnaline or PD/KBW gives about 70-95% crit rate and crit damage. Works really nice with Time to hunt 3/PM 1 crit/spec gunslinger.

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:cry::sob: I just need a proper necklace to finish my 5x3 with Increase Mass, but SA doesn’t have enough relic acessory sellers. I’m waiting for about 3 weeks. Still 4x3 (Pinnacle, Cursed Doll, Grudge, KWB) 1x2 (Increase Mass).

Players in Kazeros SA Server:

I’m buying a Relic Necklace Spec/Swift Pinnacle +3 / Increase Mass +3, +4, or +5

Playing grudge cd adrenaline impulse ok SH, planning to switch adrenaline to hit master and adding KBW when i go for 5x3

Recently managed to luck into a Hit Master stone for my Shadowhunter alt. Either I ran into a string of the worst players I’ve met in my time playing, or that 16% is multiplicative because suddenly it’s all cruel fighter all the time. Sure, T1 players aren’t always that skilled but this isn’t exactly a character I put a ton of time into either.

That being said, Adrenaline earns its auction house book price with that combo of attack power and crit chance for many builds on many classes.

I’ve had a similar surprise to yours with Magic Stream on Reflux sorc. To the point I’m wondering if it would work on energy overflow Soulfist.

i replace all my argos blood with necklace hoping for good piece

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does energy count as mana? if not mp is purely mage/support engravings i think

Yeah! I’m thinking the same. Legendary is a thing when you don’t have nothing in marketing for Relic pieces hahaha

I don’t know. I would think it’d be designed that way, but it’d take testing to find out. I’m sure someone’s tested it before, but I’ve not run into their results.

I run Grudge, Cursed doll, Adrenaline, Class, Raid Captain (becouse fuck HM and KB is expensive) on my demonic. I run cursed doll on all of my alts too, grudge on some i feel comfortable with too.
I always had cursed doll since in t3, never felt negative that much, then added grudge on 1415, didnt feel difference at all. I just dont think about it, i just play the game and try to improve myself.
But on my gunslinger alt i dont wanna run grudge honestly, she feels super squish even without, yoho can 2shot me sometimes xd.

On main i feel like grudge is a must have, at least for now im almost always higher than entry lvl for content. Or maybe i just feel that becouse i have built in heal as demonic :partying_face:

Lightning fury works wonders

I’m planning to run

Grudge 3
Master of ambush 3
Super charge 3
Cursed doll 3
Adrenaline 2
RE 1

  • Sorceress - Hit Master, Precise Dagger, All-Out Attack, Reflux
  • Deathblade - Ambush Master, Adrenaline (or Adrenaline 1 and Sight Focus 2), Grudge, Surge
  • Sharpshooter - Hit Master, Adrenaline, Grudge/Keen Blunt Weapon, Death Strike - I have a stone with Keen Blunt Weapon/Adrenaline (6/8) and Grudge/Adrenaline (6/6), I use whichever depending on which boss/mood.

All of them are between 1370-1400 and each have 4x3 engravings.
From the patterns on my damage engravings, I like to add an additive damage boost, increase crit chance and grudge.
The reason I don’t have grudge on my sorc is actually because I really don’t know and don’t remember why. The current build still works though, but I will definitely be changing the engravings when I start doing legion raids with her.
Sharpshooter is kind of a weird one for me since I usually run the grudge stone for Argos and keen blunt for Yoho/Chaos Dungeon. It’s not hard to avoid Argos attacks as ranged, but when I’m caught in Yoho meteor, I’m basically good as dead.
Deathblade, I use sight focus as a meme, don’t look too deep into it. It’s fun to use, but it should be used as a 6th engraving at level 1 or if you want to have a cheaper substitute in your build. Even then, there are probably better engravings. The reason I have level 2 Sight Focus is because I used legendary books for it. Oh, and I might switch out Surge for RE later on down the line.

I hear they do with necromancy on Summoner

Paladin (it’s my main, I’m a support, but I have a set for when I’m not in raids because doing anything with a support set is cancer):
Will switch to kbw instead of precise when I get enough mats to freely switch set bonuses so I can use entropy and it’s 21% crit.

Red Gunlancer 1370:
Will be like 1300/800 with 3 master brawler and cdoll instead of two lvl1 accessories when I get relic stuff.

Gunslinger 1370:
I’m not good enough to run grudge on her and I never would because she’s so squishy.

Berseker 1370:
1500crit/500swift and lunar argos set for crit damage.
I would’ve ran grudge, but I got a 6+7 kbw/ambush stone, so why not.

Shadowhunter 1370:
1500spec/500swift. Swift because I’ve got 67% crit total and 10% cd reduction is huge alongside 8% as/ms.
Lvl6 damage and lvl5 cd gem. She’s honestly just so broken. Ridiculous damage output, idk how is it fair to other classes. Easily pushes like minimum 30% more damage than my other alts. Never did under 43% on Yoho so far.

I’d say that mass increase is really underrated, especially when supports get yearning bonus in a few weeks.
On swiftness classes negative is basically non existant. You get at least 25% attkspeed increase and I’d always use it over cdoll on swiftness classes.

Your mp efficiency choice was really creative! Once you get to 1415 and get your nightmare set I would recommend getting rid of this engraving as Nightmare will fix your mp problems.

For most Hit Master classes you would run Keen blunt, Hit Master, Grudge, Cursed Doll, Class engraving as your late game final build. There are some classes that only run lvl 1 class engraving so you could possibly fit in an adrenaline and/or spirit absorption at lvl 2.

Cursed Doll, Ambush Master, Super Charge and Remaining Energy on my DB. I like Cursed Doll a lot as it is not as punishing as Grudge and the damage output is great. I don’t think I’m gonna use Grudge until I feel 100% confident about my skills on the game.

MP efficiency is cheapest 12% damage boost though, but yeah with nightmare and new stone it’ll probably get replaced