What events are region wide? My server is largely dead

As the title states, my server is getting pretty dead.

World boss raids constantly have no one showing up, Pirate Ships I can’t even experience because there is never more than 6 people. Tooki Island I can barely ever find because no one shouts its location even as people in chat open sea ask where it is.

I’m afraid to try chaos gates because of the bad luck of finding players on my server from world boss raids and pirate ships.

My question is, what can I experience that is region wide other than raids.

My cross progression and Una tasks for islands are stunted because of other players being active and Amazon doesn’t even acknowledge server problems at all.

What server???

talking about a server and not saying which one, may Allah punish you.

Not sure why the server matters.

so i can avoid it. thank you
come to zinnervale EUC I welcome u there

Why would I do that? I want my Cerberus Mount, my titles, my progress, my founders skin and other free skins/mounts we’ve received.

The point is, starting over isn’t an option for many people anymore. This is on Amazon to fix since they never should have opened more than 2 extra servers after free to play started.

idk i wanted you to feel welcomed

I think that only when it have matchmakingfunction it is region wide but not 100% sure

Yeah the opened a ton of servers for the millions of players. A good portion of them are probably bots too.

As people who tried the game based oh hype leave, as well as bots getting removed, they really need to start considering merging some servers.

Server events like island, field boss, etc. Should always have enough people doing them even outside of prime hours.

Either that or scale the events to less people…

I have a feeling they are gonna ride it right down til there is nothing left, the new players have quit at ilvl302 and the damage is done because they have too much pride to show/admit they need to downsize.

I feel like this isn’t on their radar yet but its absolutely the elephant in the room that seems to be avoided.