What exactly am I getting and/or losing when switching to EUW?

I’m really confused now.

I thought switching servers was a good idea for me, not having had any RU/KR/Beta experience, I used the past couple of days to figure out which class I actually want to main. Starting fresh with the right class makes a lot of sense.

But what exactly am I getting and/or losing when I switch?

I bought the Platinum Founders pack and obviously redeemed it already, had about 4k Royal Crystals left, 6k Blue Crystals, 3k Gold. On top of that I bought the Starter Pack in the store for another 65€.

Now, I was curious and created a character on EUW. Even got a cool name this time. But… the chracter has absolutely nothing, outside of the Crystalline Aura. None of the stuff I bought in the store, no royal or blue crystals, no Founders rewards. Nothing.

I’m just scared that I lost literally everything I had on the other server, minus the pitiful additional Founders Pack I’m supposed to get on Saturday that has 1k royal crystals instead of 7k and only untradeable skins.

So if I stay on my original server, I keep everything I already had PLUS a second set of skins and 1k royal crystals. If I switch to EUW I lose everything I already spent money on and essentially only get a quarter of my original founders pack.

Please make it make sense.

You lose everything you redeemed to your character. For me its everything :frowning:

That means I’m definitely not switching. I’m not the smartest person but I’m not THAT stupid. Not letting Amazon punish me for their mistakes.