What exactly are waiting on for remaining classes?

I’m legitimately confused what exactly were waiting waiting on for them to enable the other classes? Is it literally just a marketing tactic to inject content into the game in the form of classes to bring people back every month or so?

Beause aside from translating the strings in the tooltips (which would take someone a few hours) its not like they are translating the dialogue… because aside from grunting… my deathblade says “tique” or some shit… don’t know what language it is… but it sure as fuck isn’t english.


for player count to drop

i would assume so. cause releasing classes slowly will most likely bring people back etc… however i hope we get one in the following days.

I read on the chat from the game, someone was saying first content after one month and first class after 3 months.

And anyway it makes no sense to release everything at once. It is like WoW would release all its contents in one shot. Doesn’t make sense.

Just wait?

Thats exactly what it is, they ll use new classes to keep you coming back and thats normal…

To be frank… if WoW was say, american only… if it launched elsewhere i almost garentee you it would launch with all the classes in the game.

If they wanted to gate the content i don’t think classes were the way to go about it. I’m still a firm beleiver that them launching all the way up to the start of T3 was a mistake. If they launched the game with all the classes and T1 for the first 2 months… people would have ample time to learn the game and which class they like the best, then T2 content being slowly added and eventually T3 would have been the way to go.

Its frankly going to feel like shit if one of the missing classes is the one you are the most interested in or like the playstyle of, because you will have to do all the story shit again.


They can’t just release all skins, all clases all conent cuz they have to maintain the playerbase with regular content, if they release everything at once then we will have to wait for new content for 3 months lol

so we have to wait for content that already exist for 3 month? i dont think thats a better option

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??? the classes already exist… how is that your argument?

Bro pls, it’s been 1 month since release and they already tolkd us skins are comming… you know that the launch have a lot of issues that they are still fixing… they need the time.

Exactly, they can’t throw everything at us cuz if they do there wont be more “hype” content (Cuz we would catch up to Kr and we would have to wait for the patches on KR then wait for AGS to translate everything etc) that menas if Kr have Monthly updates we would have an update every 2 or 3 months, thats terrible lol

They will add the classes soon except painter for Sure…

Actually Artist is somewhat similiar to Sorceress in terms of being new.
I kinda hope they will release her or at least sooner than later :v.

They will hold with characters that are soon to be reworked, like summoner.

Well, for now lets wait for roadmap or any news about that.


well then the mages are in deep trouble, because arcana and smn are getting reworked … which would mean we would be stuck with sorc in argus -.-

That is correct, April should be the rework and then we’ll have releases here as well for the classes. Bear in mind every class will get changes, just some more than others, in case of destroyer and summoner, they are entire reworks so they switched them for sorceress and paladin on our release.

Meaning yea, Argos will come before the classes. It’s just an extra month though, not a biggie.

Because they want us to all main dual wield visa card spec.

My guess is one class at a time would result in the best value from a marketing standpoint.

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Love it! dual spec visas best comment ever