What exactly is shared?

Hi Im a bit confusing myself about the currencies.

I see gold, silver, crystals being shared by the roster, as phoenix plumes it seems.

However, pirate coins and harmony shards even when showed on th eurrency tabs, looks different number per character.

Is it a bug, or they are actually per character?

PS: so it seems you have to pick the pirate coins with the same character each time, in stronghold¿?


Me too mate!
Did you ever find a reliable answer?

Logically everything that’s a ‘currency’ should be shared between alts… but it seems harmony shards aren’t for example - wish i knew that before I opened all my T1 chests on my main.
Logical that things which appear in your inventory like stone fragments, breaths, etc aren’t - though they may be tradable or bound depnding on source.