What happen if I snitch rmter's gold?

I searched the stone I got from valtan and found this

will I get banned if I manage to snitch the golds?

Don’t see why you’d get banned. Just don’t look for any results imo.
Ofc, you would need to “snitch” in the proper manner. You can’t doxx players on forums etc.

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I think he was asking if he can get banned for putting up his stone for the same amount to try to snipe the gold worried that it could be flagged as an rmt transaction

My advice would be to just not play that game

I tried once with a level 2 farsea gem for 400.000, but never got anything.
I assume people will check the time left for the bidding

I agree that the term “snitch” is misleading though. Sniping is more accurate

Unless you have the exact type you could i guess,i mean the engraving or combat stats etc. Otherwise i dont see it will work.