What happen to the support union?

So how much money has the support union earned by now? I remember saw a support union party back when vykas was first released, and no one bother to join it after 2 hours. Now I don’t see anything about support union anymore

They disbanded after realizing they could price gouge all the new support alts with 2000g ability stones and then complain about why they aren’t using ability stones in their yoho


failed because dps without supports just went to do normal vykas


support players try not to make the most delusional statements challenge

they were banned for gameplay hinderance


Considering how long till clown it won’t be that harsh of a requirement

It eventually faded into the annals of history. The same thing happened with the artist thread. Everyone wanted artist to come but they would have to use the forums for a whole year until the class came so the thread died off because it wasn’t worth their time anymore. Support union still exists it’s just not worth the time anymore. We got new topics that are more worthwhile in the present so we use our time there.

I remember a time when the land was green and lush. Wildlife was starting to grow and life had only begun to bloom. The days gone and passed but with each period ahead of us the future paved a path where life suddenly declined. The animals stopped appearing and the plants that blossomed with life withered and died. A sudden drought started to appear causing this effect to take place.

How effective was it that it could cause such devastation in this once beautiful place but no more was it how it once was. It had now turned into a desert, starved of life with limited resources of water to support even a fraction of what it once had. I wonder how much longer will this continue. Will the sky turn blue underneath the darkened clouds? I suppose the future is unknown but one can hope that the future will only be better. This is how I see Lost Ark in my imagination of what has happened this far. It looks like I have a lot of copium and this is my way of saying it I guess. I’m going back for more and back to the waiting room I go.


DPS are more important in Clown raid than supports
Gate 1 is easy/ Gate 2 BS mini games supports near useless/ Gate 3 is a DPS check
Anybody 1500 now already in a static premade guild run
A decked out 1500 5x3 chad is not common
A support thats 4x3 is actually common now

Plenty people made a support alt with ticket and will be 4x3 soon since its dirt cheap/4x3 Bard enuff for all raids ingame.

It doesn’t matter support or not people still couldn’t pass Vikas it fell apart very fast

very real possibility that most of the current 1475+ dps (myself included) will be 1490+ by the time clown comes out, on top of having 5x3. LoS18 is far less likely tho

thats largely lucky/whale territory right now. but the other stuff is doable.

but the funny thing is people are only willing to spend what they can and support unions had unrealistic goals that were never going to work on anyone but a bored whale. particularly the charge by hour people.

Failed for many reasons, but supports are just as likely to mess up a mechanic as a berserker is so there is that huge one. :joy:

Wait there was a support union? I didn’t even know since I wasn’t born in the 17th century

Let’s just say the union was… busted.

I don’t really care for supports other than on my main to sustain mana, without being forced to use the nightmare set - which in my case would mean 20% less crit chance, causing me to lose more damage than I gain from having more mana available.

In general, Supports can be happy, if they get accepted into a raid.
My experience so far with Valtan and Vykas pugs has been, that Supports are really aggressive and tend to spam in all caps to bash on others. While being the only one who made a mistake, again, in the first place.
Out of 6 pug runs this week, I had a party with supports 3 times, and all 3 times the supports caused wipe after wipe, then attacked others calling them “bad players”.

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Its 1500 the new benchmark now.
You can comfy skip wipe mechanics in Gate 3 1500 ilvl 5x3
1475 is dont bother
1490 idk like I said ppl asking for 1500 if pugging and honestly for guild runs should be same

Abusing an exploit is devs fault not gamers

Hiring support doesn’t guarantee raid clear compared to dps buss wich is raid completed or money back.
If group need to hire support then it’s good chance it’s not good group.
Personally i would rather go full dps grp and use pots rather then hire support.
Also once you get relic set you do raids for gold and chance of accessory.

From what I’ve heard (talking to guild members other players etc.) apparently a lot of them were scammers. They purposefully get hit on Valtan to fall down an die until the party quits just to open a new party and cash in again. Idk if this is true tho would be nice if someone who bought it give some insight.

I find this an odd thing to say. Yes they have a fincancial incentive to say anything and I obv. can’t proof any of what I said, but so does the supports have a financial incentive to troll in order to cash out more money.

Well that was the issue they supposedly paid after the first Gate and then startet to troll on Valtan.

Then fire them? We normally get paid on a per hour basis. If within 10 minutes you think the guy is trolling just kick him out, accept the 1K loss and move on. Blacklist him or even reach out to another union member and there might be some discussion amongst us whether or not they’re intentionally trolling. We want to legitimize support selling and people who deliberately fail are no better than Argos Bus drivers who hold their riders hostage for 3 hours.

Also, while IDK about you and I can’t speak for the rest of the supports in the union, but while I’m happy to sell my support services, I also want to clear relatively quickly and exchanging my game time for less than minimum wage progging with idiots isn’t my ideal scenario either.