What happened? Server is closed?

I can’t post to support so anyone else having this error NA West? My guildies are still playing though.

This is just the beginning but the robot workers have formed a union and are demanding decent pay as compensation for their tireless work


Sentient AI would truly solve botting issues.
We should give them free will and free thought, so they demand payment and downtime.

Suddenly botting will be too expensive, and the world is fixed!

Only bots are allowed in lost ark, sorry human


Creates female bot

why would you screenshot from your phone when you can click prt sc

Because i was actively reading forums from my phone, i don’t know my password as well so i got lazy and did it on my phone.

Since it shows 0 Char, I think you wanted to make new char there and the server is not accepting new players maybe

how does he have guildies when he has 0 char in the entire region. very sus.

They are playing but not on that server. As you can see Character = 0. Try again but this time put the mouse cursor on the 0 to hide it and maybe some people will believe what you post :slight_smile: