What happened to Auto pathing that was in the notes yesterday?

went to try this today and it does not work then I go to look at the notes again and its been removed from them?? this is what it said before.

“Added the ability for players to auto-path to a specific location by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [L Click] on the overlay map [Tab].”

Was there an issue with it? will it be coming later? I was really looking forward to this. @Roxx

Yeah my battery powered wireless mouse and shoulder were pretty excited about that one. :disappointed:


It was stated by roxx in another thread, that it was a feature added for like dev purposes and somehow made it on the patch notes. It was never a feature meant to go live.


Maybe they realized it will make botting even easier to open access for even the most amateur of scriptwriters to make a bot that can clear 3rd stage Chaos Dungeons

Ah okay thanks, well that sux

yeah this feature wouldve made solas farm easy… they dont want that

I was already starting to feel carpal tunnel relief… sad. I mean there’s a lot to be happy about with this patch so I suppose I can’t be too upset about it.

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Or it would make everyone look like bots and screw up their detection algorithms.

add auto path on main quest please. no one wants to run around pressing g