What happened to Class Skins in the shop?

When I first logged in yesterday there was class specific skins for Deathblade, Sharpshooter and Berserker (and probably more). But now those are gone and there’s only a few for other classes.


Am I the only one that saw these? They where only up for 1-2 hours at release

Not the only one — I was even eyeing a couple of them and then saw the message in game that they took the store down for a few minutes and then put it back up, and that’s when they disappeared.

Haven’t seen any conversation about why they were yanked though.

I believe they said they will be implemented again on Friday.

I hope so! Most of the stuff I saw was nicer than the Plat skins so I’ve been holding off on opening my chest lol

@Roxx Any chance you’re able to confirm these skins will return? <3

Yes, they’ll be back! Just alongside some deal options, so we want to make sure everyone has full purchase options before selling them


Amazing, thanks for the quick reply and confirmation! You rock !!

@Roxx will they be back today or not until friday?

Friday is the plan


Thanks, going to save my crystals until then!

Did i miss them or are we still wainting for them to be on the shop ?

I never saw the Berserker class skin in the shop