What happened to Galatur, its gone?

Vesuvia - MSQ gone… :frowning:

I’m also missing Main quests. my in-game name is Myrtenasterr

Kyeri – my brand new pet fox has disappeared :((((

youre the best seawolf

The only concern I have now is now progressing with foraging and side quests. I’m scared that when the fix does come out for this that our progression will just be lost again lol. But uh idk what else you can do at this point lol

It seems like a prevalent issue for folks.

If you are experiencing issues with your account missing the main story quest or other missing things as a result of the downtime please submit a support ticket and provide your character name, explain you were on the Galatur server, and outline what is missing from your account. The team will verify the info and help restore the missing things. Contact Us | Amazon Games

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Chatacter name: Kirian
Issue: no main story quest

same thats why i am thinkin about just staying off til its resolved


I’m sorry about the unexpected experience you had with your play-through.

Please double check your Quest Journal to see if the quest can be completed from the menu.

Reach back to us if you this solution doesn’t work.

Thank you for your patience.

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Best regards,
Axel G.

Amazon Game Studios"

Lol wow

I am missing my main story quest as well now. My in-game name is Requiemofsin on Galatur as well. If it might be of any help, my situation was that I was going into a main story dungeon scenario when the server went down. I’ve also submitted a ticket just now as well.

Missing the main quest - Brendasrevenge

lol my quest journal is empty thats the first place i checked


that is exactly what i was doing as well

Clarities - missing the main story quest

Please, almost all of my progress for like 20min (not sure) before the maintenance is gone. I lost some rare engraving pouches that I got from quests. I also lost my engraving bonus and some cards. All the completed quests on Arkesia is also gone in my Journal.

Character name: lIasadalI (1st and 8th character is short letter L)

can you add me as well please and thank you

how do they fuck up an entire server on day 2

Missing the Main Story Quest - Rukubrew

ingame name is Draeh. Missing the main world quest. its whatever the blue icon quests were. thats gone