What happened to Galatur, its gone?

Nexorar on Galatur. MSQ is gone and the last quest it says I did was “Sir Druden’s Problem”

Add Stormcat to the list please

why cant they roll the servers back to before the maintenance

In-game name: Premieria
Issue: No MSQ

no msq please im only lvl 18 :frowning:

This is the e-mail reply from my ticket.

Hello NoName

Hope this email finds you well.

I am sorry to hear that you are currently having some trouble with your main quest.
This is a known issue that has been already reported and our team is working on it to get it solved as soon as possible.
Please check the following forums articles to understand this situation in a deeper way:

Galatur Account Issues
What happened to Galatur, its gone? - #1205 by FinesseXIII

Please provide us with your DXDiag. This will allow us to look further and with more detail into your issue.
Instructions for finding the DxDiag on the following link: Open and run DxDiag.exe.

Also, please provide any screenshot or other kind of evidence you think that could help us to investigate further. If you do have some, then please share with us by attaching the information as files on the email reply.

Kindly let us know if you have any question, it would be a pleasure to further assist you.

Thank you for contacting Amazon Games. See you in Arkesia!

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Best regards,
Leo B.

Amazon Game Studios

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this is so fucked bout to go to bed i just pray its fixed by the time i get off work tomorrow

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Yeah it’s 12am here for me about to do the same @Blakkheim and sleep on it because it is not a DxDiag scan they need.

I’m sure this is your typical copy and paste CS e-mail reply.

It looks like my character was rolled back a couple hours. The name is Lithianos. I’ll probably just replay it before anything is done, but it’s kinda sad = (

Im missing my main quests as well. My IGN on Galatur is Killathen. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

ID: Kartel
I’m missing the main quest

ID: Luckii
Missing MSQ

ID : Khiris
Missing Powerpass and founderpack

missing msq
ID: Scoobydoobydoo

Was told ticket I’d
ticket ID: V521307126

We will see where this goes

Submitted ticket
ID: Hackermanz
Missing main story quest and many items

yep. missing main questline on Galatur

IGN: Barunae

bout to submit a ticket but this is quite a gamebreaking bug on 2nd day. feelsbadman.

ID: Hyuuee
Missing founder’s pack pet and title

same here ID: Kartel

Character Name: Faerychii
Issue: No main story quest and down 1 level. - last quest said completed was “Stern’s Alligator”

ID: Overcompensate

I doubt this gets fixed anytime soon but would love at least an update or a plan of action other than send us your dxdiag or reinstall the game …