What happened to lost ark?

A lot of my friends quit lost ark already, and guild is going to why? what happened? Can be the fact this game is so repetitive to play and to watch? Can be pvp is actually bad unless u got a good class? Can be we don’t have any clue of how much our class does and how to fix it(damage meter)? Can be from the fact that hitmaster classes surpass every other class in late game? can be from the fact we have to do twice activity everyday? Can be from the fact that u can actually get jailed from standard activity? that u MUST COMPLETE? Is dev fault?

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Ome of my friends and guilds is quitting too

Lost Ark is a milking factory, for big wharles and heavy spenders, don’t waste your time (lots of better games available)


game just takes up too much time or costs too much money to keep up if u dont grind. Pace of game is slow too, with all kinds of waiting and raid jails and unfair wipe mechanics. It not an attractive hamster wheel, once u know it well.

There’s two types of Lost Ark Players:
2)Everyone else

The devs and publisher only care about whales, as a result everyone who doesn’t swipe $1000/month has quit.

Because everyone else quit, the whales have no casuals to make them feel superior. Only other giga whales who swiped even more. Thus the average whales quit too.

This has happened in literally every P2W MMO that has ever existed in the West. Imagine having 1.3 million players at launch and doubling down, making the game even more P2W and removing much of the F2P friendly mechanics.

Creating a class system in a MMO using USD is the most short-sighted, dumb idea that can be done in this genre. Most people play because their friends play and they want to play together. When a couple friends quit for any reason, the rest may quit too.

Now AGS is removing the forums and deleting any negative posts and feedback to try and “white wash” the game. To make it seem like it doesn’t have a 14-month history of players begging for changes to problems that still exist, easily searchable and archived.

This post will be deleted by staff within an hour.


a bit overdramatic post to say the least.

it doesnt matter if the game is p2w or not, the issue is how grind-heavy the game is. the game works like this time = money.

you either grind or you pay up with money. you can perfectly be competitive f2p, but you need to invest the time in it.

people don’t complain about how p2w the game is , people complain about weird system design decisions, such as pheons for tripods, 2x chaos dungeon 2x guardian raids, shallow gameplay other than legion raids and abyssal dungeons.

AGS is migrating the forums ons discord, you can check the feedback section there, nobody is censoring things.

if you write things like “AGS wants to whitewash the game” then yes you will get censored, you can write this in a better way. It’s about how your write your feedbakc, not what your point is.

there are actually many competitive f2p players in the game

if the devs and ags only cared about the whales they wouldnt write a huge ass letter about how they wanna change the new player experience and how they want to make the game more fun.

the game is only out for 4 years, and in KR it was revived 2.5 years ago. They cannot change everything overnight, while also pushing content.

All communities have provided feedback about how flawed the game’s systems are and slowly changes are being made, if poeple cannot wait for those they can quit. But sitting here and saying they only want to milk people is quite irrational in my opinion.

if that was the case, they would release the western version with Brel from day 1, milk the whales to the mximum and shut down the game 2 years later. that’s clearly not the case.

The rate of players leaving is beyond unbelivable right now. I personally quit early April but by then I was guild master of 5 guilds on 7 characters. Two of the guilds were lvl 17. Players simply do not care anymore. They see where the game is heading and those I’ve talked to are not coming back no mattert what changes are made. The game has litterally sucked the life out soo many and it’s just going to continue with 50% worse P2W every patch from now on.


Source: trust me bro.

This is correct.

I also like to add that AGS AND SG are promoting streamers over any normal player right now. Streamers are just like every no lifer in Lost Ark but getting paid for streaming on Amazon Twitch account. So the streamers will aways have very different view of what the normal players are going through. Not to mention those that actually have real job in real life outside playing the game 8 hours + per day.

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This post highlight that they ran out of time even before being able to show people what they have in May update to keep the player. Some wait till the patch and see if they want to keep going, some has made up their mind. This game is grindy, with alt mandatory, with repetitive chores, so no surprise people gave up and tired. If they don’t have any of those QoL they promised, at least the most important ones, I doubt any would stay longer.
All I can say is Maybe be a little more patient and wait for extra, IDK, 2-3 more days till they drop more information about it before decide to quit ?
I do agree that it might took longer to find out the solution and fix the game, but nobody is gonna stay and play a badly design game and wait till it good.

You’re full of crap pal.
I don’t know any whales on my region, and most people I used to play with are still here.
Keep up with your BS, preacher.

You’re just bad like most of whiners here on forums, and since LA requires 2 working brain cells it’s apparently too hard for you, so you keep making stuff up to feel better. Go back to your EZ fantasy 50.

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Its simple. Design a game that only suits hardcore players and this is the result. To grindy/expensive. To difficult for casuals -This results is gatekeeping and unfriendly community.
Casuals are normally by far the biggest part of playerbases. There isnt much of a game after you hit the endgame. Just daily /weekly chores who are really repetitive. People are addicted and burned out and dont even realise it . Thats Lost ark. Its just lost.
The game will die out even more. Maybe some will come back for a short time when some big stuff drops but alot of people will never go back like myself. I just check sometimes the forums but they get closed too.
Good signs for the future.


Game is doing well, and people who left? Well, we wouldn’t have much of a use for them anyway, so good riddance.

Crowd in Anikka serves nobody except AGS to flex on chart numbers, but we need players that don’t fk up mechs and keep up with character progress.

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“Nothing is being censored”
“Yes that would be censored”

Are you for real dog?


A quick look at their post history and you can tell they are just burner accounts for forum moderators.

They actually defended things like Pheongate, saying it was “fair and deserved”. You really don’t need to look beyond those posts to know what these accounts are. These clowns have defended every braindead decision AGS and Smilegate have made, leading to the most predictable exodus of players since New World.

Let’s all shed a crocodile tear for their jobs, soon to be replaced by Discord bots. Good riddance I say, these forum mods have been awful from the very start.

This post will be deleted by them in the next hour. But don’t worry. Nothing is being censored.


What happen? Nothing happen, the game is designed for whale and no-life. The only good thing came out of LA is it make me realize Korean MMO is a waste of time


game is niche, hardcore players oriented, take it or leave it, i guess

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my friend having burnout and more work at work place that’s all…

idk others probably got another reason real life works too?
with current world life situations

:joy: :rofl:

if you write offensive content of course it will be censored. Are you for real? im saying that if you properly write your feedback it wont be censored.

learn how to behave, and you wont be censored. also learn to read.

Reptilian people theories are less interesting than your theories. Drop some more please.