What happened to the concurrent players today?

I like keeping tabs on the concurrent players, and I’ve been enormously impressed by the player retention thus far. Hitting 800k+ at peak has been the norm for a while, but today we’ve actually not even hit 600k. Did something happen to the bots, or has there been some other external factor causing this sharp drop?


Read the forum, lol


Maybe they are players out there who want to play their main classes who are not released yet. maybe they are pissed. maybe they just want more skins, not only 1(!). who knows?


Overhyped patch with content only accessible to whales


Entitled Snowflakes and Bots got cut.

I definitely read the forum, but I’m actually finding it hard to believe that we’re seeing the impact in the player stats so fast and so clearly. Did Amazon really pay for the Argos patch with a 25% concurrent player decline?


Might be peeps who were waiting for the first big update to land and didn’t get what they wanted lol

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Not only is this a patch where the main content can’t be done by most of the playerbase, but it’s around a month since launch, playerbases tend to go down quite a bit starting at around this time.

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You look like you would be happier with a game around 10k players since you want players to quit in your every post.


An update with content that only a few selected players can play and only one new skin on the store (if you don´t like it, your problem and wait until the next month).

Races are funny, but only can participe once each day.


retention due to raids, only helps, when players can play the raid, who would have thought?


Personally i hopped on to do my dailys, failed the hones then hopped off XDD

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let’s see:

  1. Releasing a content patch that less tha 0.5% of players can access. (I made that number up. I think 1.5% ish player are in Tier 3, and I guessed 0.5% for 1370, might be even lower). Sure, it can just be there and you don’t have to do it right away, but what is the point of releasing it now instead of later then?
  2. Skins
  3. Lack of new classes
  4. No nerf to honing. Ppl are, including myself, tired of 15% honing chances at tier 3.

because the march update is not what the majority has expected* and we still didnt get the roadmap right?


leave the game since the 15% honing chances are normal in KR/RU

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People are unhappy because AGS turning this into nothing but original game, you are defending their choices. Game is bleeding players and you are saying it’s fine, clearly you just want this game to die unlike people who voice their concerns about AGS wrong approach to the game.


Because AGS will never be a good publisher/developer studio.


S tier comment, hire this guy.

very few people can access the new raid including myself. i think i’ll be there not very soon due to being super unlucky with this garbage RNG… but i’m kinda happy that i’m not the only one that’s unlucky with it… not that it’s good but you know less painful… NOT REALLY


How often do you have to be told, that amazon does not have the power to make ingame choices? The only thing they can do, is servers. That’s it. And yes they fucked up there with listening to crybabies and overloading EUC for them. Amazon does not decide what happens in the game itself.