What happened with "arktoberfest"?

are we having the exact same bug that all the previous fever time we had been having?

or is there an extra condition or perquisite I haven’t met or that I am not aware of

Very, Very excited to see how 28th maintenance/update turns out with so much things happening on that day.


might as well stop doing fever time for that boost of concurrent players# and just give them out via mail like how compensation rewards are distributed

It’s having the same issue every fever time yet AGS don’t seem capable of fixing it

also the argument “it’s probably ~~~time in ~~~~region so we might have to wait” seems invalid because

have you ever seen them get it right on the first try?


no but that shouldn’t stop anyone to call out the mistakes until they actually get things right



delicious rewards!

but this is the 9th time since release now LMAO there has been issues every time. you’d think smth so simple as a button that provides rewards wouldn’t be that difficult to implement but…

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Hey everyone,

I’m getting to the root of what is going on now. Hang tight!

well thank you then. please update us this time. last time roxx said the same and ghosted everyone :skull: ghosted on a forum, lowest of the low

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That’s funny so since I haven’t been able to receive the fever time rewards all day on EU, work now all night and now only can hope to claim them tomorrow morning if they fixed it until then or else EU players gonna miss out on fever time rewards again lol

use geforce now u can do it from ur phone

Even if, this shouldn’t be an issue after the like 10th time now


was able to claim my drops it might be the system UI does not show the fever time symbol until you restart the client.


The team has fixed the issue and will be also be extending today’s rewards to make up for the time they were not available.

Apologies for the confusion and good luck in Arkesia!


Thanks for the info,
but I also hope that this won’t happen on Friday’s fever time

So it only took one hour for the “team” to “fix” something? What happened to AGS is only a publisher and has no control over the game?