What happens after deleting a character?

So I have deleted a few characters, when the character is deleted the game claims it can’t be undone. But the character doesn’t seem to go away. Let’s say I have a mage named abcde. I delete the mage, click the button again so it is no longer visible on the screen. But a month later I am still blocked from using the name abcde because it is “already in use”. So I guess the question is, are these deleted characters actually sticking around to be “restorable” at some point in time or what is going?

You can manually ask CMs here in the forum to restore your characters and they usually do it for you, assuming you include server/char name etc

yup, they are only marked as deleted, so you don’t see them and you have no way in UI to restore them. Support is restoring them all the time.

The name keeps being blocked until the character is really erased during manual action from AGS. They mentioned it they may be doing it once a 3 monts but they will see after release how it goes. That was last time I’ve heard about it (the ‘how long is the name locked’ topics from long ago)

Level 10 characters should be erased, and their name should be able to be reused immediatelly.

There is a cool down timer. I believe it is 60 days (pre-level 10) before you can use the name again after deletion.
The character is still stored somewhere during those 60 days before it is permanently gone hence why there are character recoveries by Customer Support. CM’s helped me with a character recovery before and got immediate help when I asked.

They changed it somewhat a couple of months back. As long as you have not taken a character past level 10 you can delete it and reuse the name immediately. Anything beyond 10 has the 60 day timer.

Here is the original post from the Devs where it was changed:

Thank you! I was kind of worried because they say it can’t be reversed that it might be something they were planning on selling later. Thank you for the help :slight_smile: