What happens to everyone? (almost everyone)

Hey there,

Amazon has brought us a game that 15-20% of the playerbase who know it have been playing it since Korea in 2018. (let’s face it, beyond the veterans, there are THOUSANDS of NEW players who will be coming to have fun).

Since the third or fourth day of BETA, after reading constructive threads like About Business Model, or Please Reconsider Oceania Servers, and this About Raid Guardians (sorry if I forget any more), I find myself with concerns from many users about issues like outfits censored, which have already been officially answered several times by developers like @Roxx or @TrevzorFTW which only manage to dirty the rhythm of good feedback.

Don’t get me wrong. Elaborate new posts with suggestions, concerns, and doubts, is really good to know how the game will work. But I see people more concerned about the fact that they have covered the breasts of a class, instead of worrying about discussing relevant points about how the raid content will come to our region, or how the business model will work.

All these ridiculous issues that have already been answered, detract from the visibility of the forums. And much more relevant points like OCEANIA SERVERS are going unnoticed because people are not able to realize that, in order to achieve a better version of Lost Ark, it is necessary to FOCUS on the important points of the game at PLAYABLE level. Not only for individual interest, but for GLOBAL interest.

Do you remember how Lost Ark came out in Russia? Many thought that here the delay was not necessary, that “the game is already done”. Sorry, but impatience is the main killer of content-rich games like this one.

Please, there are many players like me coming from Korea and waiting to play the best version of this game. If we want Amazon to work well with Smilegate, let’s be constructive and form a good community.

It is very relevant. Ironies, disrespect, and destructive feedback is not going to help at all. And it detracts a lot from Amazon’s effort to bring this game to the West, when I remind you that it could have been a Kakao Games, a mail.ru, or even a Gameforge who could have taken a role with Lost Ark.
And we all know what would have happened…

Please don’t give up on giving constructive feedback, and don’t take away the desire of the development team, and the social managers to interact with their own community… that sucks.

We all want a game that lives up to expectations. Amazon first


I agree about the point of being polite and respectful when giving feedback, even when it’s something you’re passionate about.

But I see people more concerned about the fact that they have covered the breasts of a class, instead of worrying about discussing relevant points about how the raid content will come to our region, or how the business model will work.

A lot of people don’t want censorship also because that means Amazon is using resources to re-design a lot of gear/costumes in the game instead of focusing all their efforts on proper localisation and fixing bugs. Noone asked for this. Majority of people heavily dislike censorship. But Amazon are still putting resources and manpower into covering up female characters for some reason.


The problem is the presidence it sets and the fact that it’s totally pointless.
It begs the question where, how and why I will have to go out of my way to try and track down the original…
And also whether they’ll even put a lot of the costumes in altogether in the future.

During character creation they replaced two of the armors in preview for most with the starting gear in different dye + slight variation.
This means that we’re frontloaded with the SAME identical gear THREE times when we create our characters.
It makes the gear feel and look very cheap and repetitive on first impression and it also feels unfocused and lacking in direction.
It only becomes stranger when you try the specializations and the Assassin for example is in underwear in one of them.
Who exactly is it catering to and trying to hide things from?..

And that’s not even getting into how a lot of it doesn’t fit the actual characters to begin with, the KR/ RU starting gear for Martial Artist in particular is leagues ahead and actual looks like it fits Martial Artist and the rest of their gear.
And that is mandatory, we can’t undo that and change it that is something that is forced on us no matter what.

It might not matter as much to you.
But it does matter to a lot of people and it’s what most people will be spending their money on ( cosmetics ).
There is a reason why I spent over 100 euro in the Mogstation in FFXIV last sale and bought all of their artbooks, because I love and trust the devs.
Amazon is not instilling that love for me, they’re doing the opposite and they’re also making me feel worried about not getting what I want to buy or getting wrong versions of it etc.
And if they make it harder for me to get it too and force mandatory changes like the starting gear on me that is tampering with my fun too and affects my view of them negatively.

Cosmetics and art does matter, and quite frankly there is nothing I want changed from KR/ RU so I have no real feedback on that I don’t particularly have problems with the business model or any of that either.
If you do then you’re free to talk about it but just because I care A LOT about something you might not doesn’t make me wrong or mean that I am taking focus away.
If you feel like people are taking focus away with these discussions then maybe it just means that a lot of people actually do care and that Amazon should listen.

It’s always a much more noticable issue than bugs that not everyone experiences so ofc more people will talk about it.

Edit: I’d also argue that this discussion is about the business model.
It’s content in the game that money will revolve around and also stuff that people spend endless hours grinding out for.
People wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t a big deal and it does affect them financially whether people want to buy things and support them or not.
It should be important to Amazon.

And like is what we end up getting in the game and the store going to be dependent on what the marketing team is and isn’t okay with marketing on Twitter?
There is a lot of depth to this that goes beyond just ‘’ hurr durr horny ‘’ when you think about it.


Perhaps people should learn to make their arguments as you do now.

I do not detract from the points you make. Censorship, although it doesn’t bother me, I know it does for many players. But why do they keep bombarding threads with meaningless posts? This ends up boiling down to “Amazon is very bad”.

Reading the forums these days causes ulcers. People don’t know how to constructively express their concerns, and this creates a sea of posts talking about exactly the same thing.

Thanks for your response

For the record too, the icons of the gear makes it look like it’s the gear on the KR/ RU but it’s not.
Try it yourself too, make an Assassin and then go and skip the prologue and look at the icons and then what the gear looks like…

If the gear wasn’t changed then why does the icon look like the original starting gear on KR/ RU still?
The icon doesn’t reflect what the gear actually looks like, so that gear simply doesn’t exist altogether now it’s just replaced with this new one?

On Gunner you get a totally different one altogether even after the prologue, the one you start with actually looks like a Gunner and like it fits.
But then once you’re past the prologue it changes to a fully covered black suit that looks like a store skin.
It’s very bizarre, the KR/ RU just makes way more sense and fit way better as defaults and it’s not even reflective of the gear icons.

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I agree about being constructive, the issues remaining, and most of what OP said. I think people are quick to add oil to the fire because it is hard to express ourselves by writing.

But saying :
" I find myself with concerns from many users about issues like [outfits censored] […] which only manage to dirty the rhythm of good feedback […] But I see people more concerned about the fact that they have covered the breasts of a class, instead of worrying about discussing relevant points […] All these ridiculous issues […]"

And also :
“Ironies, disrespect, and destructive feedback is not going to help at all.”

Is ironic, disrespectful and destructive.

People can have different issues and priorities. Something not being an issue for me may be an issue for someone else, I have no right to disregard their opinion, I just don’t comment on it. As a developer myself, believe me when I say there is no such thing as useless feedback or issue from clients.

Granted, some issues should be given a little more spotlight. More people playing the game by granting them access from their regions is a must have for any mmo and I fully support them.


Precisely. Most people i know, myself included, that play on the RU servers and have been for a while, were hoping for all Amazon’s resources to be put into localization and bug-fixing, not mattress-lining content to make it “easier” and “less diffcult” or blatantly censoring content for the sake of censoring it.

It’s offensive to those of us that have hoped and waited for an NA release so we don’t have to VPN and play with lag.


you’re litteraly talking about players who cry about starting gear that will be replaced in an hour of gameplay because they will litteraly vaporise and die if their character is not wearing lingerie for 15 mins.

do you really expect any logical replies from them?

(yes go ahead and censor my post by reporting, it will make it way more ironic that a man who hates cencorship cencors any comment that disagrees).

Why censor it? Idiocy like this should be left in the sun for all to see, point, laugh and move on. Your argument is so strawman and bad faith it could be used as examples in “What not to do” debate classes.

Nah, no one should report this. Stupid takes like this deserve to be seen and ridiculed.

It’s not just about starting gear but also translation and customization options that are gone. It’s about them saying ambiguous things, and trust. It always starts small. You give a hand then they take the arm. It’s about that.

Also, from reading the topics, it’s clear the people complaining about customization options, both those that want more options and those that fear censorship, are the open minded ones. Everybody else is pretty much a selfish person who comes and insults or dismisses other people views without contributing any solution.

The fact you hear more about this than other game aspects is because veterans already know the rest. So they speak about what they found not okay. That doesn’t make other issues irrelevant at all, in fact they aren’t incompatible with one another and have nothing in common on a technical and financial perspective.

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That’s half true. Most names weren’t machine translated at all. The quest line was though. But I’m talking about things like Abrelshud becoming Brelshaza while you get an opera chanting her name in latin. It’s the little things that add up to. Overall they could have done better using the 1:1 korean translation instead of changing names to something that destroys lore and / or characters.

If they didn’t do all those unnecessary changes they could instead focus on the real problems you talk about. But no, they are spending money and time on things that aren’t an issue to begin with. And they don’t do it well at all, which make it even worse.

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first of all i doubt it took them an insane amount of recources to change the starting gear prolly took them a day or so, and even then it kinda IS an issue, believe it or not but there are quite alot of people who have never ever heard of lost ark and the people who played RU version is in the minority in the west and even europe nearly every single one of them is calling it a “cheap chinese mobile game.”

second, almost nobody seems to care about the finest details of the lore it seems since on after every 5 posts on this forum, there is one post complaining about not being able to skip cutscenes fast enough or dialogue fast enough, besides we don’t even have that raid yet.

ofcourse yes translation can always be improved, and that’s prolly one of the reasons we getting the game at early 2022, i love the lore of lost ark so i can see the frustration on that part, but you have to know that not alot of people care about that sadly. and would rather smash stuff without thinking…which saddens me

that so called censor issue is something that only affects one hour of gameplay, the end game gear and everything in between is still the same, because they have no reason to change the rest since first impressions are everything in an mmo launch and players who already at the mid game and end game are already hooked at this point. remember they are not trying to only lure in the vets, they want as many players possible to play this game.

also small note: the quest lines on the fan translated english patch started to get bad mid first continent and unreadable when you finish the first continent and start sailing.

compared to pso 2 english patch where everything was hand translated and tooltips too, it was completly terrible

You’re really going ham on this aren’t you. You really think the original starting outfits are gong to make hundreds of thousands of people say “nope not gonna play this”?

You’re clearly ignoring the point @Kyun was making about some companies basically start with small things to test the waters then enact more and more “changes” esp when you have people screaming it doesn’t matter.

AGS stance on the topic of censorship already went from:

  • Oh it’s just the starting outfits. You can still get the original as white drops in game.


  • Oh it’s just the starting outfits. You can still get the original as white drops in game. The difference is just for the marketing material and the actual outfits aren’t changed.

You see how the slider shifts when something is pointed out? Also, so the marketing material is different from the actual product and yet they say “trust us”?

People are against any form of censorship. It just rubs them the wrong way especially in America. The land of the free. Instead of advocating to support these changes you should be advocating for choice. They can still have the image they want to project with an option (default set to on) that would toggle between a more conservative armor and cosmetics when set to on and the original when set to off.

This gives people the freedom of choice. Those who want a more conservative gaming experience would have that and no matter the costume others buy it would not impact their gaming experience. And those who prefer the original gaming experience would have that also. You can also have this type of choice for chat filter and blood n gore.

Any marketing materials can use the conservative option and in no way shape or form can be viewed as lying to the consumer.

This is just my 2 silver on the topic.