What happens to the boss rush tickets you lose due to DC's?

Hello Lost Ark people!
I already lost 2 boss rush tickets with no chest reward, no boss rush return, nothing, due to DC’s.
What happens to that? are they just going to be lost forever? Its quite unnerving when this happens, i can forgive guardian raid dcs and whatever but boss rush… Also, once im on this little ramble, i had my reaper on SH special training and had 70 million exp to claim (full 7 days) i ended her training while i was on my striker, and when i logged on my reaper, she got no exp at all :).
Also, i have ended the training from X character on Y character multiple times and it was always fine, not sure whats going on but this 2 things need to be looked at.
Looking forward for positive feedback.

EDIT - today i got my boss rush ticket back

Kindest Regards,

Submit a ticket, that’s the only way you’ll ever get anyone to actually look into your specific incident. Happened to me earlier today, since I have a bunch of tickets on that character I decided it’s not worth the aggravation. Good luck with CS though, they’ll at least respond. After that, who knows (just like everything else with this studio).

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