What happens when captcha fails

What happens when you fail the captcha? Do I just get banned or disconnected or wat

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That means you are a bot and is an automatic kick to the character select screen.

i mean… sometimes you cant read that trash or the images are confusing… captchas are just a bad take


don’t worry if you can read this you’ll be fine.

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You become a mokoko seed


you get perma banned

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FBI goes to ur house, they kill ur dog then they plant some cocaine in ur bed for evidence


You lose 1 item level


U will get 1000G each time u fail…


I know I’m bad, but I dont think I’m that bad. Why you gotta attack me like this?

pretty sure you just get dced. would be retarded to ban someone because they went afk and failed a captcha

Imagine failing a CAPTCHA right before the Wei NPC despawns LOL


doubt that… I’m sure a simple kick to the character select or server screen is good enough for bots to disrupt their system.

A full dc out the game to reboot is a bit extreme for real players if they fail.

More clarification would certainly be nice but I guess we will see tomorrow.

currently if you afk and get kicked, it’s a dc. I don’t see why the captcha would be different.

It’s just sounds like a pain in the ass for normal players.


You get sent to in-game jail – surrounded by Mokoko seed barriers you have to get yourself out of.

But without holding down the mouse button continuously, because that would prove you’re a bot :joy:.

If you continue to fail CAPTCHAS over a week, your account should be flagged and you should lose priority in ques and have your trading restricted especially if you have gotten a large amounts of players reporting you, therefor higher risk of being banned for most likely being a bot.

I rather not wait 2 hrs in a 25k que vs less than 10 seconds of work for captcha, if these changes can stop the large ques that made everyone mad then its a win. No one care about bots until they had to wait hours in que just to login and do some dailies and log out.

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you get a Trojan virus

There’s gonna be a popcorn fest on the forums when that happens.