What hyper express event do you think we get?

So i’ve seen some speculations around the interwebs about the upcoming express event.
allot of players seem to think its this one: 1. 로스트아크 - 하이퍼 익스프레스 & 점핑권

pretty much to 1415, even tho i would like that i feel like that its not gonne happen, and it be to 1370 max what do you guys think?

Hey guys we want you to engage on the Legion raids which are the core content of the game, so we’ll hand out a 1370 express so you can spend 1+ month on your already 1370 multiple alters (now you get another one!) farming yoho until you collect 3k leapstones for legions!

If they put a pass for 1370 they are just dumb as fuck, period.


Lol… this page is so well explained compared to what we got LMAO

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I’ll be in a predicament if it’s to 1415.

My Gunlancer is the alt I want to get to not only 1415, but 1445. So if a new alt would have an easy time surpassing it, I’d even use it on 1370 Gunlancer, because who cares.

If it’s just 1370, I’m using it on that Punika pass alt.


i get what you are saying, but still i feel like they wont do it.

would be surprised if its anything good, at this point we know Smiilegate or AGS doesn’t care about western LA. The plan is to milk players for money as much as possible and then simply leave game to die. this is based on everything that happened so far, you cannot blame people for loosing complete faith at this point.

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haha jup most of the time they have way better explained information even tho its not even in English

i’m thinking the same thing tbh most of my alts just sitting there anyway

The linked one I guess from seeing it but not understanding korean is in effect 1302 - 1415.

The one we get I think will be like previous and take us from 302 through the tiers.
Then maybe up until 1370?

I can’t expect much with the treatment we have gotten.
I could see them only giving bonus to 1340 or such.
Just to show how little they understand the game.

We already know we get a Punnika Powerpass so that would be a bit disappointing
but wont surprise me

Be sure to keep them seperate in your mind.

We are getting punika power pass.
Like Feiton power pass before it.
That one is just a boost until 1302 (likely).

Express event is other thing.
One we saw before was boost for new character from 302.
Effected honing up until end of ilvl ~1100.

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But you still got a lot of extra mats and epic accessories, legendary T3 stone. Those obviously turend out to be trash, but still.

50x extra normal leapstones, too. So with Anguish it was pretty much free 1340.

With AGS I would say probably the most watered down super express event, probably to 1370 and 10 phoenix plumbes

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odds are we get 1 punika 1302 pass and an express for 1370-1385

possibly we could get a 1415 one but the odds are low with the way we have been getting rewarded

id imagine we get a reduced one at 1370 and the next one is 1415 since they said they dont want people to get too ahead with honing buffs delay

Well get a punika 1302 pass with an express for 1302. Ill put money on it.

I would be shocked if it’s a 1415 express. I would think 1370 at most, considering it’s only been a month since Destroyer released and they got squat. If it is a 1415, that’s great! I’ll be using it on my 2nd Destroyer!!

Random question, why did they rename Papunika? That sounds way more island-y.

Well you have a month to speculate because it won’t be dropping this month.


Dude. They removed the 1370-1415 stronghold research in our version and you seriously believe there will be an express event to 1415? Lmao.

Be happy if it gets you to 1340, if that.


i said that i think its gonna be 1370 max, but it could still be possible to make other catch up before they release the stronghold buff idk man random stuff happends i guess

This was going to be my guess… so I guess you have my vote!
(Can you imagine the outrage though if it was only to 1325? Half of the Oreha abyss xD)