What i think lost ark is lacking!

What i think lost ark is lacking. Content you can spend hours of gameplay on, with your main/chars. As the game is now you use so much resources to build a char, maxing it out. But you have nothing to use your chars, you build up. Like legion raids are super cool but its gated. They should have something similar to diablo rift/GR with adjusted loot for this game ofc. Just more fun rewarding gameplay you can choose to do. This would make lost ark the best mmo out there.

Anyone else agree?


It lacks way more than that. The whole game needs a new publisher lmao.


Most of the Players come to this conclusion sooner later.
Some ppl enjoy this for some reason.
But i quit the Game 1 month ago cause for that reason you mentioned.
No content.

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The toxicity in this Forum IS so astonishing that i cant quit Reading stuff in Here thats why.

is lacking a summoner rift 5 players vs 5 players.

or a new gambling reroll thing.