What I think Lost ark should start doing

Every night around 12am est they should bring the severs down. Not for too long… Just a nice 6 hour “reset”. And then after they come back up do rolling restarts every 3 hours. And at the end of each day they should roll back the last 2 hours of progression just to keep the player gear scores more spread out. Oh and they for sure need to lower all the server caps. Keep the population “exclusive”. These are just some thoughts. What do yall think?

Pretty good idea, make sure everyone gets at least 6 hours of sleep at night /s

This idea is so bad since you are assuming everyone is playing from 12 am est when that in some timezones is 8 pm when people have free time to play before bed. Like why would you want server downtimes everyday just because you dont want someone else that wants to play and grind to get past you.