What if AGS destroyed bots completely ? Life after bots

So the day have came and AGS removed the last bot from the game with special system. How this will affect the game for a normal player?

  • Lower capacity for each server, easy access for players and no long ques
  • Prices of loots will go dramatically down since many RMT’ers wont be able to find cheap gold
  • Cost of Diamond will come to equilibrium or might drop, since alot of people will start to buy gold from cash shop

So from my analysis whoever have alot of gold either will bet on AGS or boters, because gold is the king here. If AGS destroyed all the bots, the value of gold will be tremendous, If boters still around the value of gold is not that much once valtan is released and all prices will go up again.

What are you betting on ?

Unless amazon closes server temp for new players and get players to report the active bots we will always have a botting issue.

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The price of materials probably wouldn’t actually change much, because for as much gold as bots inject into the economy, they also inject said materials.

Blue Crystals are hard to predict too. They’d probably go down in the short term, but again fewer materials to go around means more reliance on Mari’s shop.

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When they removed the gold from rapport that bots were farming, leading to a brief break while they retooled their bots, the crystal price dropped from 1,000 to 300.

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this pretty much this

i remember when greater honor leapstone was 1000 gold a piece and droped to 100 gold in 7 days

and crystall was 1200 and it droped to 220 for like 5 days when bot are gone

good times

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