What if they had a diff plan

And were gonna give us something better than the mail they sent out today

and everyone was kicking and screaming about it

I’m just saying WHAT IF they had their own plan

Imagine you are going to cook someone a nice steak dinner, but they didnt get your text. You come home and they are eating raw hot dogs

are you gonna let them keep eating it

depends what kind of person you are

what kind of person are you

Even if you OD’d on copium cut with hopium, that wouldn’t be remotely possible. Don’t kid yourself with impossible what ifs.


copium? haha

Having seen the incompetence of AGS, i must say, can you send me the add of your dealer? This is some good shit you’re smoking right there mate if you think they had better plans for everybody than this xD.



stealing* kekw

Enjoy your hot dogs - AGS.

P.S: They were boiled in the dogs water dish.

AGS stands for


The more you know.

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Fair enough friends

By your analogy… you come home and you’re hungry, they threw away the hotdogs they gave you and said you have to wait 5 hours to eat but maybe itll be better than hotdogs! But probably only half a hotdog.

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This is so hard to continue because I just read the news so I’m going to put on my beats by dre and listen to lose yourself by eminem as I tell you that I STILL BELIEVE THEY WILL GIVE US SOMETHING FOR THE TRIPOD CHANGES and that amazon is my friend who hasnt let me down except that time they banned my forum account

its not my fault, when i grew up forums were a place of FIGHTS and negative rep and the mods werent stupid but hey heck

i still believe this is the path of correction

also I must say I’m impressed by how many times I saw your post take a different form while i typed this, it just kept getting prettier and prettier, i wish i was pretty

If they was gonna give us something better, they would have let this (the biggest failure so FAR by ASG) go through without doing anything about it.

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we got pheon now we get shiton

They didn’t want to give us anything.

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