What is Arcana?

Seriously, what is arcana everyone talks about?

Arcanist mage class coming in July content update

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mage that uses cards

so like a mage assassin, but with cards?

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Did you even bother to look it up? lol

no I don’t have internet where I come from

anyone know the date on when arcana going to be released this month?



good, no?

The “Where is my dps class”
I am eager to try it…

Heart of the Cards

since NO ONE bothered to answer you properly…

One of the more difficult mage subclasses. There’s alot of variance to their gameplay and some weird situations regarding dps engravings which kinda forces them to take Baricade and put protectin runes on their hardest hitting spells.

They are apparently pretty strong but less popular cause of the difficulty. Basically not the best alts cause of the effort investment to play them properly but of course everyone is different.

Basically a mage themed combo point builder / spender that is similar to rogues from wow. Add a card deck system for buffs for their special.

I’ll do you one better: Why is Arcana ?