What Is Causing Disconnects is Almost Certainly EAC

Who said they weren’t I’ve seen a few report DCs? Also less traffic by numerous amounts will likely make the issue less pronounced.

I get dc in NAW. Pretty sure every region is affected by EAC offline for the past several days/week.

Posted 8 Days ago in feedback forum, still no acknowledgement from CMs.

I don’t really think anyone thought otherwise. Which is honestly a bad thing, because EAC is 3rd party to both SG and AGS which creates a 3rd wheel as it were in troubleshooting this.

If it were specific to network hardware or the actual AGS server clusters that’s at least something AGS can in house look at.

If EAC needs something in-game changed or modified to properly function, SG (not AGS) has to do it.

Why waste time, resources and money on something that will fix itself?


It’s called efficiency.

EAC is the source of endless problems and a total scam. In some games (not lost ark) it can be disabled using a single line in a text file with no downsides. That’s how little developers typically care about the user experience.

one dc error says

“EAC offline”

I noticed that everytime if I have a streaming service open: Netflix, Disney+, HBO or so. The game will crash…

If not, I can play just fine

Did you end up finishing your raids and weeklies before the reset?

I did, now lets see if this week is as fustrating as lasts :slight_smile:

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